Playstation2 NTSC to PAL

This is my first time here as I was referred by a friend to try this out.
Here is my problem, I live in New Zealand which runs on PAL, recently my bro in law returned from China with some PS2 games for my daughter that are in the NTSC format. Is there any way to convert them to PAL without having to buy some kind of mod chip or anything like that? I dont know too much about this kind of thing but isn’t there a program somewhere that will allow me to copy the game convertng it to PAL at the same time. Any help from anyone would be greatly appreciated.
Ta in advance

As i know there isn’t a program to convert pal to ntsc games, so you’ll need a modchip.

Rapid is correct, a mod chip is the only way to allow a PAL PS2 to play an NTSC game, there is no way to convert it. The only problem you will have them is finding out if your TV will recognise an NTSC signal.

If you go here you may be able to find what you need. A modchip will help with playback, but you can also use a fliptop, which is what i use. When you convert the game because of the resolution difference part of the game may be cutoff. I converted a PAL game to NTSC and couldn’t see the bottom of the screen. The game was playable but i couldn’t see what weapon i was choosing (it was a FPS). You should also check out for more info.