Playstation2 Messiah Chip [uk]



how much good price, in £, for ^^?

i can get 1 for £90 (installed)


how much is that in euros? :confused:


Originally posted by BurnFre@k
how much is that in euros? :confused:

yeaah indeed
stupid £ :slight_smile:


£90 = €140 approx

btw, how do u get the euro sign [edit]ctrl+alt+4[/edit]


I can buy it 4 €100 :wink:
Build in and well…:stuck_out_tongue:


Lik-Sang has them for $89 USD.

Dont know the conversion.

BUT, i recently made a purchase from them and have had nothing but troubles…ill keep you posted on how it goes.



thanks, buti wanted an installed modchip anyway :slight_smile: