Playstation2 cd copying



Can you copy playstation 2 cd’s if so how?


You can use clonecd (if your writer supports raw mode)

if the cd is protected use the settings:

Reading - All off
Writing - all off

if it’s protected:

Reading - DigitalID on (your writer must support this), Extra Audio Data on
Writing - All off



what country are you in? i didnt think that psx 2 was even out yet? wasn’t it supposed to use a proprietary format for discs anyway?


Read this.

PSX2 Copying
The following info ripped from Paradox .nfo file of the game Ridge Racer 5 (for PSX2)! It is only being released in PSX2 CD and it supposed to act as a cracking lesson for all cracking/gaming releasing groups. Paradox introduced cracking in PSX1 scene. Will they make it again on PSX2? Very difficult task indeed.  [img][/img]

"..Paradox  is  ready  to take  off  with  another  title. This time it is Ridge Racer 5 from NAMCO. After EURASiA brought us the first PS2 Demogame release, we are happy  to bring you  the first  PS2 "Fullgame"  release! We are sure  this  title will  not be  playable  after burning back to a blank CD! So  why the  hell did we release it? - Simple: This CD will be very  important for  Hackers and Crackers, to hack the PS2 CD structure, to disassemble the main-exefiles etc..In one sentence: "GET THIS CD TO SIMPLY HACK AROUND!.."



I thought the PSX2 games are on DVD, aren`t they? It would be cool if they are on normal CD.