Playstation will become open format

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Ken Kutaragi said that Playstation will become open format. What does this mean you ask? Well, it basically means that…

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Yep, and if you keep your TV for 10 years you’ll have built in PlayStations while everyone else is busy playing PSX4’s.

Interesting that when they put the unit inside a machine they call it “open” format.

I don’t think open format means it will be placed inside other machines, but rather that anyone can use the technology, basically removing the patents so that other companies, like panasonic and philips can use it, and they could put it in a tv if they wanted to, like how sony invented the cdrom but many companies make them and they are in all sorts of computers and stereos. So making them open will mean they are more likely to be put inside something else, but many open things (such as tvs and videos) are not inside other things