PlayStation Portable (PSP) will support MP3

I just posted the article PlayStation Portable (PSP) will support MP3.

  GristyMcFisty reported to  us via our news submit that Sony´s  PlayStation Portable will also support the MP3 audio format. According to  Izumi Kawanishi, chief of Sony Computer...
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Sounds like suicide if you think about piracy. Regardless, it’s probably a wise move, cause with that price-tag they need all the features they can get.

I think it’s just a case of evolution rather than revolution. Enough people have been saying that ATRAC is not popular and will stay in the realm of other codecs such as Ogg Vorbis, because it dosen’t matter what technical advances it has over the others, it just not MP3… I can see a few uses for it to be used as a all singing memory stick, especially as soon as someone figures out how to launch code from the the data part of the player (Winamp PSP and homebrew games anyone?) P.S. £5 to the first person to do a gameboy emulator :wink: