PlayStation Network to get NBC Universal content

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Sony and NBC Universal announced a joint agreement in which Sony PlayStation 3 owners will be able to watch NBC movies and TV episodes through the PlayStation Network.
PS3 and PlayStation Portable…

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Save your money and watch them online for FREE!!!:rolleyes:

Well, I think it’ll be great watching NBC movies on your PSP specially when you’re traveling. A nice way to unwind after work or after grinding warcraft gold on WoW. If you’re into movies or tv series, it’s a good idea to rent or purchase to this one.

RIP OFF…again…Pay-per-download = FAIL. Netflix has way better pricing model. Why pay they same price for 3 episodes, when you can get Netflix and watch all the seasons that are available on Netflix for Heroes, 30 Rock, etc.

“…and are thrilled to offer a selection of both television shows and movies to PlayStation users,”

I bet since they are gouging people for content they can get for free. Charging for TV episodes is just idiotic when you can watch them for free online anyways or just DVR the stupid show. I can see movies but TV shows, come on. And I concur with what vikampion. Pretty much what I think in a nutshell.

Like hell I’m ever gonna pay anything to watch a TV episode I missed. Put in ads and make it free, case closed.

PS3 users can stream content from Hulu for free already with the PS3 browser app. Most of the NBC stuff is on there.