Playstation modchip questions

Can anyone reccommend a good modchip? I was looking at the ones at and

They look like the same site, only is 5 bucks cheaper.

Does anyone know of a mod that will defeat the anti-mod games like Resident Evil Survivor and Spyro 3?

I am trying to mod my PSX since I now have a PS2 if I screw up my old one. I know nothing about this stuff, so ANY help would be appreciated. Thanks.

If you are not experienced with it, i certainly not advise you to experimentate with it
you can buy a gameenhancer It does the same as a modchip and you don’t loose your warranty

Does anyone know of a mod that will defeat the anti-mod games like Resident Evil Survivor and Spyro 3?

Then you need a stealth mod chip

Modding a psx aint that hard to mod a ps2 right is much harder.(or using the neo usb key 1 soldering wire)
Like Mattel007 says if you aint experinced with it get a game enchanger(there are some other samliair devices out to play psx backups) or just look in the local advertisement paper for some one who mod psx`s or ask the local game shop they mostley do it to and is much saver then doing it your self.

I’m an experienced electrician, just not experienced in what modchip is best. I can easily solder the wires in the right place, I was just wondering if there was a “better” modchip.

What is your PSX model!

Maybe I get to you pictures where you can check wire places and you need little processor from electrony shop. I bet that there is some shops!

And then you need programming code and programmer prog and tool!

I can maybe give programming code and programming prog but you must get somewhere porgramming tool (tool is board, you put your chip to board and connect it to your computer and run program and give programming code)

If you are expert to doing this kinda electronic job then I recommend this!

But remember you can easily broke boot chip and other components.

Steath mode mods only have little bit different programming code but if you don’t want use stealth mode mods then find psx cracks from internet. those crack just hag up the protection and some cracks can shoose pal/ntsc!

Post reply if you are interested!

I am not that experienced. I would rather just buy a modchip from a respectable site and install it myself. I have a model 5501. Anyone know of a good site to get it?

and is the same as

if its for the regular PSX goto tell them Chris from NY sent you. :wink: Only 4 wires to solder and its easy and you get blue prints for all of them. I just received the one for the PS2 Ill let you guys know how it worked out, but I also need the gameshark 2 to make it work or a trick using the Unreal tournament PS2 CD.

UpTown, do they have stealth chips?

Not sure ask for Andre Walliman

This store modded my ps2 and they didt a great job on it check there site Here there is a lot of info on how to mod the psx and varitey of mod chips and the deliver world wide. hope this awnswer some questions for you.

Could also try

They are very good,

there site is down at the moment i believe, they have recently moved servers and are experiencing some tech difficulties.

Well, my father used to put chips into playstations and it wasn’t that hard…
I have also heard about a cd changer, you just had to boot the PS with the cd, insert your backup :smiley: and play! but I’ve never used it, does enybody know if they are worth it?

The PS-X-Change cd works great.