Playstation gets iPhone compatibility

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NetBlender’s newest technology enhances the capabilities of BD Live by enabling two-way communication between a Blu-ray player and Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch. The technology is called BD…

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Aargh, that Iphone again. Is ANYONE actually owning and still using it? I sometimes have the feeling it’s an overhyped device. Still this combination with Blu-ray seems to be awesome, I’m liking the PS3 more and more, I guess MS made a big mistake by going for HD DVD…

iPhone is the one of the coolest high-tech gadgets ever invented. One really cool application for this would be if the screen on the iPhone could be your in-game map in a game like Call of Duty, or as a Tri-corder in a Star Trek game etc… basically any way that it could be used as a secondary interface to a real game (not some lame game inclued on the Blu Ray disc).
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