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Hows it going people recently got liteons 24x ide drive and i have to say i am impressed so far, downloaded clonecd as i want to copy playstation games also and i picked up blank black cd-r’s like the playstation ones however to my dismay on copying they wouldnt work in the the playstation and apparently you have to get the playstation modified, i was wondering does anyone know a way around this that can be fixed in the burn process or by some other means? thanx

To copy playstation 1 games you need to have these options enabled in CloneCD:

Read Subchannel Data from Data Tracks ON
Read Subchannel Data from Audio Tracks ON

Then Just Burn/Copy!

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Then Just Burn/Copy!

But, you will always need a mod-chip!


To add a little more info to what Upp3rd0G already said…

Why do people never take the time to read the FAQ ?

I have a game console which uses CDs. Can I copy these CDs with CloneCD?
Sure you can copy them! But the question should be - will they work? And the answer is: No. CloneCD does not disable the boot protection found on console CDs. As we already said, CloneCD does not modify the data it reads or writes in any way.
However, if you have modified your game console already to accept backup copies, copies created by CloneCD will work. There is even a nice side effect: Almost any additional copy protection (apart from the boot protection) will be copied, too. Backup copies created with CloneCD will therefore work better than copies created by a different program.

Yep as G@M3FR3@K said 1:1 copies :slight_smile: only problem you may have is modchip detection game’s,once you finally get yourself a chip that is, this protection is mainly used on us & jap games,these will require patching unless you wire you’re console up in 8 wire stealth mode.

But hey, chipping’s cheap if you can solder yourself!

thanx for all the replys people i have copied psx games it that was no problem but the problem was they wouldnt work so it seem a chip is needed but does any know any other program that can do it without a chip?

My GameHunter PRO works well. No mod needed internally just plugs in back and lets you use cheats too!!! like gameshark.

Just make sure it works for you particular playstation model. the newer ones ( 9000 and up models i think) dont have the Parallel port. You can make it work on one but requires technical skillz. You actually install and wire in the parallel port.

thankz T4Z my playstation is the old model no the new psone so but not the really old model with the three plug pin in the back will that mean that this device will just plug into my psx?

I just got my Liteon 40x burner and wanted to see how well it copies PSX games since my brother just bought a new PSX. I can’t remember what game I copied, but when I put it in, it worked perfectly. Can PSX’s play copied games without a mod chip? I didn’t think they could. It’s a brand new PSX, so there can’t be one in there.

Can PSX’s play copied games without a mod chip?

In a word, no.

Playstation discs have a few corrupt sectors near the front of the disc that cannot be copied , and the playstation looks for these sectors when it starts, that’s why a mod chip is needed so the PSX “forgets” to look for the sectors and the type of disc (jap, usa, europe, asia etc…). If your brother does not have a cheat cartrige or use a Import Disc then it must be one of three things

  1. The playstation was chipped BEFORE he bought it (there a specialist game shops that will do it for you).

  2. He has bought an SCEE internal testing PSX, wich will play anything thrown at him as they are produced without a copyright chip. I dought this as you cannot really find them on sale anywhere.

  3. due to some freak, the copywrite chip was not fitted properly on the production line, and the psx still works.

Personally i’ll go for option 1.

Actually… theres a way you can do it

but… it depends… do you wanna use the console? or do you wanna use your pc?

you can download a prog called an emulator to play your playstation games. you can do this one of 2 ways…

the prog is called " espx" i believe… and you can play games one of 2 ways… either with the original “blackies” (aka… true playstation cd’s)

or… you can load whats called an “iso” image of it (not sure about the terminology… ill call an iso and image from this point on)

but… theres a downside to this… if you use the emulator. you have to download a bios for the emulator too… but… the option exists so where you can play an image of a “blackie”, or you can play the original cd… it just depends on your taste

i have both the emulator and the bios… im just tryin to figure out how to make an iso of the ps cd’s… lotta peeps use a prog called
“alchohol120%” or something like that…

hope this helps


Yes, I’ve used epsxe… it rocks…

I get full dolby stereo sound and open gl at 1600x1200 it looks soooooooo good :slight_smile:

I even have a psx pad adapter hooked to my usb port so that I can play my old games on it hahahaha

Take a look at the mentioned cartridge here :iagree:

I’ve also got the USB adapter. There is nothing like being able to use a real PSX controller on a PC. It’s my fav controller of all time really and it works great with other PC games as well.

hehehehe… not too shabby :stuck_out_tongue:

currently im runnin an amd 500 with 3dnow (got it when i was goin to tech school for pc repair… part of the course was learning to build a pc from the ground up)

im in the process of building a p4 2.4ghz
512 megs ddr ram (wanted to go with rambus, but its way too freakin expensive :S)

intel 845g mobo, 500 mhz fsb

i still need:
a video card, (radeon 9600)
harddrive (80 gigs at least, with 4-8meg cache, 7200 rpm)
and i was thinkin about gettin one of those nice flat panel moniters… but thats gonna cost a pretty penny too :S

right now. i got my sound system hooked up to a 250 watt pioneer home stereo amp, ran into a gemini 2 channel mixer, hooked up to 4 speakers which are placed in the corners of my room…

that reminds me… do you know how to make the iso’s of the playstation cd’s?