Playstation games



what program do i copy playstation games with? i tried neroburn but it did not work



The most common used prog to do this is CDRWin, if you experience some probs doing these then go to the main page of cdfreaks , and select the link copyfreaks , there is described how to do it, or just click this link

Or if your burner is supported by clonecd you can use that to burn your cd’z


thank you


If I was you I should use WinOnCd for the job! I never had probs with copying psx with it!!!
Good luck!



please be more specific,

does the program says he’s copy,
or does he hang,

as far as i know nero is a good software package for most cdr-writer


CDRWin is the original program, and still the best, i think. so use that, and you won’t have any problems. i wouldn’t use clonecd for psx games, because it wasn’t made for that…and i personally think that the older versions of CDRWin (3.3) work better for PSX games with my ricoh mp6200S, but hey, that’s just me.




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personally, Nero is by far the best prog. to burn PsX games. CDrWin is okay But it doesn’t use my burner properly for some reason (maybe cuz it’s still in a beta stage). I’ve tried other programs, even discjuggler, which someone recommended. Turned out to be crap. Anyways, my point is, if you find a program that burns PsX perfectly, stick with it. I stuck with Nero after getting about 5 coasters with other programs. I’ve burned 35 perfect PsX games using Nero and still going strong.