PlayStation CD Copier help

I downloaded a program called PlayStation CD Copier (freeware). But its mostly DOS-prompt based and keeps saying I don’t have an ASPI layer installed. When reading the freeware text file it mentions that it reads off SCSI devices. I don’t have any SCSI devices :frowning: But when I execute the files in DOS prompt I get prompted with a SCSI or ASPI layer problem. I do have an ASPI layer installed, but do I need a different one for DOS to recognize it? Or is it just referring to something SCSI related. Can anyone with a SCSI drive try please. I can post a link to the file.

For some reason clicking the link wont always work but copy/paste it into browser gets the download going.

the two ** are two t’s

If anyone gets it to work or can even try to see if the program works at all, please do let me know.

Anyone… ???

The link is not working and I have not been able to find it anywhere else…
Therefore I have not been able to look at it and see if I could help you!

Do you have another download link?

One of my friends is hosting it for me now. Try this link:

This is an old version of CDRwin for dos.
I guess you have better luck with the newest one, from here:

I tried the version you linked to, and I had aspi problems to!!
But working with latest version… :wink: