Playstation Burning



i use clonecd and it writes at max speed
everyone i made works great


Can somebody tell me what speed I should burn my playstationgames onto CD?


it isn’t the speed that matters - it’s the program you use. also, i just read an article in eMedia magazine, and they tested discs burnt at all different speeds, from 1-12x and they found no loss in quality or shortened life span…so it’s safe to burn at your maximum speed all the time as long as you aren’t getting buffer underruns.


On the contrary, speed does matter when burning PSX games. If you have a newer Model PSX 75xx or 90xx then you are usually ok to burn at a fast speed. However if you have an older PSX, then you need to burn at 2x max, or your older PSX may not be able to read the CDR with it’s crappy laser unit. It’s best to always burn at 2x for PSX just to be safe.


I agree arnesr. I have a model 1001…hehe, ya pretty old. When I burned a game @ 4x, the game wouldn’t even load. It would spin like 2000 rpm (hehe) then nothing would happen. I always burn @ 1x, no more no less. BTW, for older models I’ve noticed that the best CDR to burn these games are the Mitsui cds. Although TDKs are very good quality, I sometimes have to tilt my Psx on the side because the laser has trouble reading the game. However, using Mitsui cds, I don’t need to tilt the unit at all. Trust me, Mitsui cds are the best, I’ve burned about 38 games and Mitsui is a much better quality CDR. Questions about burning PsX games, feel free to e-mail me. Late


I am using WINON CD. I have created ps games before but only 1x and it is to dam slow. So I could try 4x max and see if that works.And for the older playstations try 2x. I am using mitsui cd’s as well.What do you think?


Yup, so far so good. I haven’t tried Winoncd yet, mabye I should? Oh well, I always use Nero. Keep us updated on your progress Beach, make the subject “Update on burning PsX games” or something to that effect.


I used to burn PSX with my old IDE writer and I had to do it at 1 speed or else they wouldn’t work. Now I have a SCSI system and I can burn them on any speed, with every program from Nero, CD-Rwin till CloneCD.

So it doesn’t matter which program but it depends on the writer en the speed you burn at.


i use all different brands of media at 6x and they all work fine. my psx is about 2 years old or so, maybe 2 1/2. i have found that the greenish colored discs (mitsui, memorex, acer) work better than the dark blue ones (verbatim, fuji) because the lighter discs have a higher reflectivity.