Playstation - burning the cd´s

Hey - it´s me again - the man, the myth - The One from Sweden :=)

Burning copys of my Playstation games - thats legal - but how do I do it?

Running XP and the latest Nero. Obviously - I have a burner…

//Dumbo - Sweden

for starters here at cdfreaks nero is a terrific program but not for some copy protections.i dont know the settings if there are for nero though there might be.
there are 4 main programs we use for copy protection.
now the copy protection is libcrypt for psx.i prefer clonecd for this

(settings for reading with clonecd) read audio subchannel.
read data subchannel.
(for writing with clonecd)
dont repair subchannel data)

or you can use our search for profiles.
download them and insert them in
C:/program files/Elaborate bytes/Clonecd/profiles.

and then you dont have to set anything they will be there for you!

btw the psx copy will not play in the console you need a mod chip but, it will play in an emulator on your pc!
the recommended disc media is cheap cdrs.because they reflect more when being read!

good luck to you and welcome to cdfreaks!!:bigsmile:

In Nero its the simple ‘Copy DVD’ selection
These settings are aready the right setting to read from.
If your using one of the next generation modchip’s then it should boot up no problem (if so come back and re-post):bigsmile: