Playstation 4 has no region lock and no internet requirement

Playstation 4 has no region lock and no internet requirement.

[newsimage][/newsimage]The Playstation 4 has no region lock and also doesn't need to connect to the internet at a predefined interval

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While the PS4 platform sounds less restrictive than the new Xbox One,it’s still Sony we’re dealing with…:wink:
Remember the removal of the,heavily promoted,OtherOs feature,2 of it’s 4 usb ports and the hardware back compatibility after the initial PS3 release…???:sad:
But I probably end up buying this 1 as my new next-gen console…:o

It would seem that Microsoft has created an extremely wide goal for Sony to score in. :rolleyes:


Well… at least the people at Sony aren’t quite as bad as Microsoft. That, in and of itself is quite a statement. Now, if they actually start to embrace the Open Source community instead of fighting it, they’ll get a golden smile face from me, anyday.

It really odd this as Sony was all for regional locking when they developed Blu-ray

Seriously, why would the manufacturer give a f#$@ where people bought their official games.
After the Australian government hauled Microsoft, Adobe and Apple to the Supreme Court to explain their predatory pricing scheme, the rest of the world has taken note.
I’d also expect that after the hammering the useless region locked playstation store cost them, in terms of English speaking regions that couldn’t access online content that was already available in the US store, equating to lost sales, I’d hope that they’d ditch region locking in its entirety.

With all the copy protections, and cinavia drm, why would they need region locking?

i’m no gamer but even the biggest idiot should be able to see the advantages of the PS4 over the XBox. if Sony lives up to it’s info, the ‘no region lock’ is worth it’s weight in disks. i bet there will be all sorts of backlash over this alone, not from the public, but from other members of the entertainment industries. region locks have been something that people have complained about for many, many years but as per usual with anything the customers want, the entertainment industries have totally ignored it. if this ‘feature’ alone doesn’t make Microsoft sit up and take notice, the ‘not needing to be online at least once every 24hours’ should do. why would/should anyone want to be in the position of having to use their internet just to support microsoft? why would/should anyone want to give over to Microsoft any and all personal information to them either, particularly when it is now known that Microsoft was/is one of the companies involved with the NSA! if this does nothing to change Microsofts mind on how to treat customers, then best of luck Sony!

[QUOTE=debro;2690028]With all the copy protections, and cinavia drm, why would they need region locking?[/QUOTE]
Why indeed! Why pay all those additional licensing fees at all?

I don’t understand this motivation unless there’s a delusion that, if they can gather up enough vassals - er, partners - that they become Too Big To Fail.

I understand Hardware & Software wanting to share a revenue stream. A company like Apple forces everyone to pay them up-front fees for the honour of displaying a bitten piece o’ rainbow’d fruit. And once those “World’s most cash-rich company” headlines hit, it’s certainly no surprise that at least one other Big Software Company wants to ape that success by eliminating Desktop Programs and forcing their StartScreen users into paying and subscribing into Ballmerdom.

And PS4 not as bad as XBox One. Yes - wot a heady achievement.

Leave it to Sony make a big deal over nothing.
Region lock is a BS non factor. Lock the region, who cares ? It probably affects 0.00001% of console owners. Who really needs to take their consoles or game collections overseas ? Sheesh…

The fact that Sony is jumping on this tells me they are grasping at straws to try to look better than MS.

Only time will tell which is the “superior” console. PS4 has slighly better specs but XBone has some interesting architectural designs that could make that moot (just like 360s unified architecture design made games perform better than on the “superior” PS3)
None of the BS measure MS is putting in place will matter at all if it has better exclusive games, controller or features or better online service. PS+ has alot of catching up to do to reach XB Live’s success.

I’ve read convincing articles that claim XBone has already one (no pun intended), and they made some very interesting points.

MS has states clearly on XBone’s license policy that it will listen carefully to feedback and that policies can change by the time it launches. I expect the internet connection requirement to go away due to the feedback its already getting.

kevpc, what you may think are advantages can be completely moot to a gamer if Xbone has better games etc.
Give a gamer a good enough game and they will be happy to go to ridiculous lengths to play it.

There is also the factor of which system is easier to develop for. Historically the 360 was a breeze compared to PS3 to develop top notch games that could harness the full potential of the hardware. PS3 was as disaster for this. Given both new consoles are almost identical (which I find highly suspicious), its not clear this time around.