Playstation 4 doesn’t playback CDs and MP3s out of the box



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Sony’s next generation console, the Playstation 4 is not able to playback CDs and MP3 files out of the box.

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Playstation 4 is suicidal mission.


I bet it can play music from the “cloud” though.


Sony and Microsoft are in a contest at the moment to see who can get away with the most dick move.

M$ were winning hands down but wimped out, now Sony are back in the game


Well I’m not buying one.


Apparently it won’t play backed up BluRays too:


Your note is deceiving. The PS4 enforces cinevia copy protection. So it won’t playback blurays/dvd’s that use cinevia (which aren’t all that many). All bluray players made now have to support cinevia to get the license. You aren’t going to find a bluray player on the shelf that doesn’t (unless its really old). Even my ps3 supports cinevia. If I want to play a backup use my popcorn hour a-400.

As for cd/mp3 that is dissapointing. I don’t play cd’s too often anymore so I don’t have a dedicated player. I currently use my ps3 when I do. It would suck to lose that feature due to upgrading to a ps4.


It’s not necessarily the age of the player that matters, it’s when it was licensed.

So if a model currently in production was licensed prior to the first of February 2012 then it’s not required to support Cinavia and it’s perfectly legitimate to sell it Cinavia free off the shelf.



2nd PS4 update and NO media features were added (mp3 video images) as “rumored” …
very disappointed.


This actually makes sense. MP3 Formats are simply too ubiquitous to be controlled, tracked and force users to pay for constantly. And CDs are supposedly ‘dead’ too but also lack sufficient tracking and cost-per-usage mechanisms. I can ‘turn off’ accessing CCDB (thru checkbox options or thru a firewall) for example and Gaylord can’t tell if I’m playing MY CD or if my neighbor brought over theirs for a sock-hop.

Sharing music and entertainment should never be allowed in the future world - every entertainment experience needs to be fee-based. And disallow any format that can’t be tracked as we log in.


I read PS4 doesn’t support DLNA like my PS3 does. What’s worst than not being backward compatible? Being just plain backwards!


Does the PS4 even have the necessary optical pickup to even read CD media? I could see Sony omitting them to save a few pennies since Blu-Ray discs are the primary optical media and it has the side benefit of pushing people into cloud based services.