Playstation 3 & Xbox 360 are energy hogs!



I just posted the article Playstation 3 & Xbox 360 are energy hogs!.

Once one invests in a Playstation 3 or Xbox 360, it would seem like the only on-going costs to worry about afterwards are the games and accessories. However, for those that are not careful,…

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yeap, and its still worth it!!:stuck_out_tongue: couldn’t care about the energy cost TBH, the HD experience is more than worth the cost of the electric!


Umm you can’t compare the Wii to 360/PS3 power consumption. The Wii is a lest gen console, you have to compare it to a ps2/xbox1. The wii has about as much CPU power as the original XBOX. The 360 and the PS3 have way more computing power than a Wii, no wonder they suck back more power.


Thanks for helping out the planet, steveo119. I guess when we’re hip deep in melted glacial ice we can blame people like you. I bet you drive a big SUV, too.


I smell a nice new eco tax coming along…


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Now you Globable Warming nut’s are atacking My video game’s. What next my PC, Should we start paying a carbon tax on are Video game consloes and PC’s. You pepole wan’t nothing more than to resrict what everybody does because your not happy.


Hey DukeNukem I guess adding carbon tax to product is going to save the planet, thats right polticians are going to save the planet with their money I mean are money.


Don’t worry, I’m not a global warming nut. I once poured a gallon of used motor oil down the toilet. It took me a week to get the bowl clean again. I’ll never do that again. No, carbon taxes won’t save the planet. Anyway, I have to go burn some leaves now.


Do people actually leave their consoles on non-stop? For what reason? I understand the 360 can be used as a space heater, but still…


yeap, if i get hot summers in scotland, then bring it on!! and no, i’m not american, so i don’t drive a gas guzzler, i drive a 1.4 Grande punto sporting, so i’m doing my bit so i can afford to play my ps3 without killing the planet, and i turn mine off after playing it, not leave it on standby thus wasting electric!


“I understand the 360 can be used as a space heater”

Heh heh. I don’t own one, but my wife’s cousin does. It’s hot and loud. When I first heard it get turned on I thought it was going to blow up. The XBOX 720 will probably require a dedicated circuit in your home and will sound like a Dodge Viper.


My cousin lives in England and I know it rains a lot there. I could only imagine living on the Scottish moors. It must get pretty depressing at times. I never heard of a Grande Punto before, so I had to look it up. Looks like a nice car, but tall people tend to mistrust small cars for various reasons (fit, safety). I tried getting into a Cooper once, but my knees kept hitting the dash.


" Hey DukeNukem I guess adding carbon tax to product is going to save the planet, thats right polticians are going to save the planet with their money I mean are money."

It’s not really the planet that needs saving though. It would probably live on if the human race extincted itself. It’s survived near death meteor collisions, it’ll survive us. The reason for less consumption is to save people, the Earth doesn’t need saving. That being said I don’t need an ECOtax on my xbox .


Okay I’m glad to see everybody’s on the same page on this polticians saving us from are self’s crap and hope everytime we see something like this we attack it.


to be honest, we shouldn’t look at saving the planet anyway, this is evolution, so it is going to happen sooner than later, pushing us back into an ice age again!! politicans are looking for an excuse to tap us for more taxes!! and if you still want to give the planet a fighting chance after being told that, then kill the worlds bison!!:wink:


Right! this is just like every social “problem” the answer is a transfer of my money to the governments hands. It is particularly annoying that we don’t wish to use clean energy to stop pollution, which is a no brainer, we all know fossil fuel pollutes. Instead, we debate about a yet to be proven concept “global warming”. Whilst we argue, no one does anything and we continue to pollute the Earth. Much to the glee of the petro dictators.

If anything, we should be working towards clean energy “off the grid” alternatives to help ensure our survival of a sure to come climate change. We should also be looking for water and ways to adapt to the new climate.


i would totally agree with what you are saying, if i didn’t have to look at a windfarm spoiling our beautiful scenary! how far do you go to get clean energy? to the point you stick monstrosities on to every mountain and hill, thus spoiling beautiful landscapes? i think i prefer the alternative!!


Yeah, there should be some sort of way to develop wind energy without destroying the countryside. Or in areas near the sea, maybe they ought to use the tides or something to capture that energy.

Having said that, one of the most foreboding landscape energy scars I have ever seen, is a nuclear power station. They look like death on a cracker…


yeah, but at least there is only one of them, as opposed to 500 windfarms in a region as small as scotland lol, but i know what you are saying!!