PlayStation 3, Wii hacker Waninkoko back in business

PlayStation 3, Wii hacker Waninkoko back in business.

[newsimage][/newsimage]Sony's global crusade against hackers served to embolden and worry many in the scene. Despite a police raid on his home and 1 million Euro lawsuit (both courtesy of SCEE), Alexander Egorenkov, AKA graf_chokolo, vowed he wouldn't halt his research and continued to publish work -- even as he started accepting donations for a legal defense fund. Youness Alaoui, or KaKaRoTo as he's more commonly known, continues his work in relative secrecy. Alaoui admitted in an interview with MyCE that seeing his name turn up in legal documents related to Sony v. George Hotz et al "wasn't a happy feeling." Spain-based hacker Waninkoko, however, decided to back off. But now, the notable tinkerer is reportedly back in business - with one major caveat, he says.

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