Playstation 3 to use Blu-ray Disc player?



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  It looks like the Blu-ray Disc  Founders (BDF) now have started working hard to establish the format as the  successor to the DVD format. A couple of days ago the BDF announced in a press...
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I wonder if they really need all those gigs for a game. Most games these days are no more than 4 gigs. I guess if they use loads of high def video in the games then it might be warranted to go with Blu-Ray.


Yeah, I hope that game developers will actually start using the total available capacity on a disc and give us some real awesome looking graphics. Most of the current (console) games could look a lot better.


The technology is Sony so it’s not going to be much complex or expensive to equip the PS3 with a dual format DVD reader. On a marketing level it will surely be a plus to spread a reader of BR Disc. It’s not for games but for movies and mixed contents. I agree with Warped. There will be only a few games on BR Disc with a lot of high def FMV like today we have only a bunch of games on the DVD9 Disc. Using a BR-Disc for games can also help in reducing piracy but not so much. You still will be able to repack or delete all that FMV. However expect the PS3 to be compatible with both Red and Blue laser disc. I’m quite sure about this. :S


Ok someone tell me it wasn’t the fact that you could buy the playstation, get it chipped and buy games at the local weekend market for about 10 bucks that made it a winner…tell me it was sonys marketing, their backup support and their compassion toward the end user…no one ???..orright…unless some blu-ray recorders hit some places sony don’t want them to…buckle up for a long expensive ride…:X


You said it yourself though “these days”, Blu-ray HD-DVD is the future, albeit not that far off now.


“Blu-ray Discs will not be more expensive to make than standard DVDs” anybody wanna bet they still charge more?


For about the past 2 years I’ve started to enjoy console gaming more, especially since after I buy the game, it retains 80% or more of it’s values. Unlike PC games where once you buy it, it’s worth 50% used that same week, and about 10% 1 month later. Although now that I have a good video card (ATI9600) and can play the newest games, I’m starting te learn back to PC gaming. Especially when brand new PC games are starting to only cost $39.95 or $29.95 if Best Buy is really trying to sweeten the deal. Kind of makes the $49.95 console games not worth the money. PS: I guess what I’m trying to say is, I wouldn’t pay more than $50 for a game, despite the disc format & bonuses. Heck, I can’t even get myself to pay more than $40. Good luck PS3.


The one good thing about this is that if this turns out to be true then M$ will surely use it in the XBOX 2


First… I’d say it’s pretty unlikely that Microsoft will use Blu-ray simply because it’s on the PS3. You have to remember, the Blu-ray format is pretty much Sony’s child. The rest of the industry seems to be firmly behind the HD-DVD format. Which brings up the second point. Microsoft has already had a version of it’s WM file approved for use in the HD-DVD format. Basically you’re suggesting Microsoft will turn it’s back on the currently leading format replacement for DVD (HD-DVD), turn it’s back on the very format that is going to use Microsoft’s encoding on the discs AND THEN to latch onto a format that’s only seriously supported by it’s main video game rival… So no. This won’t suddenly make Microsoft jump on the Blu-ray bandwagon. Blu-ray is Sony’s format. MS will hope it fails. Blu-ray doesn’t show much wide acceptance yet, MS would certainly go with the HD-DVD format that’s been supported by the DVD forum and most major motion picture studios. If you’re going to go around making baseless and incredibly inaccurate claims… please atleast attempt to do some research.


“The rest of the industry seems to be firmly behind the HD-DVD format.” Really? I think the list of the BDF looks quite impressive and much stronger than the list of companies that officially supports HD-DVD so far. You write that most major motion picture studios support HD-DVD. That’s not correct because neither of the two formats final specs are ready so most studios have not decided what format they will support yet. The codecs to be used in the HD-DVD format are BTW only provisional approved so far so it’s not certain M$ will really get its WM9 included.


Warped, G@m3fr3@k, Gristy, This is not about capacity. While I would agree with you that the capacity should not leap too far ahead of what the actual game sizes are, however, this, I am sure, is NOT $ony’$ motiviation. Their motivation is strictly that there are currently no BR burners out there and even when they do come out, chances are, they will adhere to a standard that is close, but not quite the standard $ony is using on their PS3 games. You’ll see. Shadowman, The problem with trying to repack those BR discs is that current and next generation (i.e. DL, since I am not aware of any readily available DL recorders, yet) DVD/RW’s will not be able to read the BR discs. Yes Sony’s BR drive in the PS3 will have no trouble being backward compatible with current CD/DVD-rom games and DVD5/9 videos, but current drives are not forward compatible to blue ray.
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Wel as long as Sony doesn’t make the mistake with a BBA as Big N now then we will not see any PS3 BR Releases soon on DVD-R/+R (whatever) But if some hacker finds a way to read the BR disc on the ps3 and transffer it to the PC, then we will see a PS3 Scene, but i think Sony will be harder working now on the Ps3 games not to be able to copy or there consoles not to be able to mod. So Far we still didn’t see a GC modchip to play the iso’s. Blah, Whatever, If a Game is worth the money, Just buy the game and sell it again later if yu’r finnished. Also, I never liked sony anyway :slight_smile: i just bought e a PS one a few weeks ago, just to add to my collection :slight_smile: (second hand). I even never play on those gaming devices anyway except for my gba-sp :), but there nice collectors items :slight_smile: Ow for the record, i still don’t own a PS2 :stuck_out_tongue: I bet Sony/MS/N all will use a different format of DVD system on thee consoles. So i’ll be prepared to buy them all 3 and stock them in the glass closset as show object, like the others :slight_smile: (better keep starting to save meoney for it now, cause i don’t think the will be cheap when released), or beter wait then a few years till prices drop more then half)


I think that most PC systems will be HD-DVD compatible (Toshiba and NEC will introduce HD-DVD drives in 2005). HD-DVD discs are cheap to produce and are rewritable, therefore the PC customers will favour this format. But HD-DVD drives are not able to copy BR discs. Therefore Sony favours the BR standard for its PS3 console. I wouldn’t be surprised if future movie DVDs would switch to the BR format, too.