PlayStation 3 to feature Blu-Ray disc playback capability

I just posted the article PlayStation 3 to feature Blu-Ray disc playback capability.

We spotted an article at Games  Industry that claims the next generation console from Sony will handle High  Definition content, due to an included, read only, Blu-ray disc...
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This is a plus I believe. The fact that you can have a PS3 with a blu-ray player thrown in has to be a plus for everyone. Now you no longer need to buy a separate player. I don’t know how many games will take advantage of 23 gigs. Most games now don’t go near reaching the full capacity of DL 8.5 gig. Having too much space is a good problem to have anyway :B

Told you so in my reply on the blue ray post yesterday

The very same tactic they used with the PS2 and DVD

Hm…this will be interesting. Microsoft decides to back HD-DVD, Sony decides to add Blu-Ray to their Playstation console… Not to be biased or anything, but if Microsoft says something will become standard, it will become standard, even if someone as big as Sony wants to use something else. :S

Well that’s not allways the case… Microsoft may well be able to lead the trend as far as PC’s go, but this is home entertainment, and Sony will probabaly launch a load of blu-ray movies at the same time (something Microsoft can’t do themselves). If enough movies come out on blu-ray (and a few decent games :S) then the PS3 wil have a major edge over Xbox 2 weither Microsoft like it or not.

**If you buy the optional remote… 19.99 wonder if the games will be HDTV resolution… Too bad I never got the hang of any type of controller. (since snes)
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Not sure I agree with you. I didn’t think it was clear yet whether Microsoft’s support of HD-DVD was actually just pretty much the same as their support of DVD-RAM for DVD recording devices, i.e. this is the FIRST one we’ll support, HOWEVER expect support for all the OTHERS as well!