Playstation 3 to double as a home media centre?

I just posted the article Playstation 3 to double as a home media centre?.

This analyst report raises concerns that Sony might be packing too much fuctionality into their new Playstation 3 console thus alienating customers due to the high price. …

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The only comment that I would make is that by the time the PS3 actually gets released the Blu-ray burners and technology would come down in price drastically. Most people buy consoles to do one thing: Play games. Many people who own the consoles already have DVD players, VCR’s, DVD Recorders and a Home computer - putting in too many features would make it overpriced and nowhere near as good as all of the seperates. I can’t see much practical use for the PS3 having a Blu-ray Burner apart from recording TV footage for later playback, will the PS3 have an interface for connecting to PC’s and allowing those to write data to it? Well, that we’ll have to wait and see about… Of course, if the PS3 has good Network/Internet support that would be another matter - Multiplayer online games are the way of the future and make quite a number of games infinitely replayable… and that’s what we all want… Could you imagine Warcraft 3 having no multiplayer/online support? That game wouldn’t be played half as much without