Playstation 3 supported disc and AV codec formats revealed

I just posted the article Playstation 3 supported disc and AV codec formats revealed.

  According  to Softpedia,    the disc, audio and video types supported by the Playstation 3  have been revealed.  As expected, the player will be capable of playing  back Blu-ray ROM and...
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Can’t wait to buy one.

No DVD+R or DVD-RAM support. Typical bloody Sony.

No DivX or XviD? I’m sure DVD+R will work even if it isn’t specifically listed… heck, Sony is PART of the DVD+RW alliance!

Shoot! almost forgot I need $600 aahhh lol Will be outside Best Buy lol having sum Panda lol chillin drinkin Tilt 8.0% lol will do. Dito :g

DVD+R would work I’m guessing if it’s burnt with DVD-ROM booktype.

Doesn’t mention VC1 support? Presumably this is a typo as that video codec is required in order to play some BD-Videos (Warner titles!). And what about next gen codecs? Does it support internal DTS-HD Master Audio decoding into PCM for output via HDMI? Ditto Dolby TrueHD? Ditto Dolby Digital Plus (BluRay Variant)?

MPEG4 SP is the stuff that Divx and XVid are made up of. Therefore they should work.

DVD+R should be supported it is used in hte new HD camcorder that records to DVD and Sony states the PS3 will play discs from this camcorder.

In the original text it says that it supports H.265, which won’t be available for another few years.

This machine also makes a great grill. Something that rivals a George Foreman i believe :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeap, that’s what I think too. DivX and XviD are MPEG-4.

I think they mean H.264. Pretty soon we’ll know for sure.

$500 should be enough to get you one.

nice one :wink: that deserves to go right up there with the Giant Enemy Crab and real time weapon switching!!

Not to enthused by the audio codec support, Ogg flac and a few others would have been nice. also might have been cool to try to support a few odd containers like ogm and mkv, holy crap that woulda ruled.

good job