PlayStation 3 slogan announced for European launch

I just posted the article PlayStation 3 slogan announced for European launch.

Womble used our news submit to tell us: “It Sucks”. Well,
don’t candy coat it Womble, tell us how you feel! :wink: In Germany last week, at the Leipzig Games Convention, Sony…

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Reading the first few lines of this article I almost went away thinking the official slogan for the PS3 was “It Sucks”. Common sense brought me back for another read :slight_smile:

LOOOL! I think I could see why this would happen, so I made a change to the first few lines. Not a very good job on my part.
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Lol! , a one cent in the dollar video ad from SONY, how low can you go!:r

Sorta remminds me of the Dreamcast slogan." It’s Thinking"

I love it. Its so… so… Next Generation.
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>>>> I love it. Its so… so… Next Generation

their new slogan should be “WE WILL ROOT YOU OUT” crash n burn $ony

is it just me, or the ps3 font in the add looks just like the spider-man movie font??