PlayStation 3 - no 3D Blu-ray for you!



I just posted the article PlayStation 3 - no 3D Blu-ray for you!.

PlayStation 3 owners will initially have to satisfy their 3D cravings with gaming.

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Umm okay, so what you meant to say was: PlayStation 3 - yes 3D Blu-ray for you!

PS3 games are on Blu-ray Discs, so yes, 3D Blu-ray for you.
PS3 Blu-ray movie support IS coming later, so yes, 3D Blu-ray for you.


Should have said … for now…


A very misleading title. I’m shocked. Shocked, I tell you !!


I think they added the “for now” in the title but Twitter is very misleading. All that will be needed in the future is a 3D capable TV and glasses depending on what kind of setup you have. If Sharp gets on the ball with their no glasses 3D-TV then that would be great.