PlayStation 3 gets confirmed European launch date

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The PlayStation 3 which has been available in Japan and the US since last November has now a confirmed launch date of March 23rd across Europe, along with over 30 game titles. Only the 60GB…

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Article text correction: “Since its launch in the UK and Japan”. Obviously you wanted to write US, not UK.

Why only mention the UK’s different price if also the price in Ireland is higher it has been set at EUR 629.99, due to the higher VAT.

The sad part is, anyone in the US can walk up to any store selling the PS3 and buy one off the shelf. While the Nintendo Wii is still missing in action on the retail shelves. I think they should’ve just redirected all the stocked ones in the US to the UK :+. But then some people wouldn’t be happy about the Blueray Region lock out and not playing their European titles ;). But then again, not many people bought a PS3 to play Bluray movies only.

Based on the latest financial data released and the only division within SONY to show any improvement in sales was the unit selling rebranded Samsung LCD display units , with the Gaming Division holding large unsold stocks in both Japan and the US , all is not well at SONY HQ money wise! This unit appears some what overpriced , and after the initial sales rush , it appears that it will follow the same US sales trend which is some where in the sewer and still sinking lower every month! Oh well , you certainly pays your money and takes your choice with this design by “edsel” that’s for sure! :X