PlayStation 3 fails to impress crowd at E3 demo

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 Over at  the Firing Squad, who have been checking out the E3 this year, they have a  headline asking "Is the PlayStation 3 dead in the Water?". According to their  crew on-site this...
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Well Well Well The Champ Of the Console Industry Is the Underdog. People U have to understand its Sony, They have Dethrone nintendo, Kept A billon Dollar Software Giant at Bay.The sony name is gonna be on top for a while Until they Had enough.

Oh no, Sony has unleashed yet another dog into this world, it also explains why the main Japanese Gaming Companies, ceased to waste their time on this pup and terminated further work on it’s games with extreme prejudice! Let the fall of the house of Sony, the creator of the rootkit!, continue, for not many except it’s overpaid executives will mourn it’s passing!:S

One can only hope that the PS3 will knock the crap out of the arrogant microsoft and it’s mickey mouse x box.

Mickey Mouse? Its a pretty good console tbh.

Guess what. Here in europe the PS2 was really expensive. It’s not Sony’s fault if they choose to make similar prices all over the world instead of putting a “super cheap” price in US charging the expenses on us.

It’s always Sony who’s been arrogant about the PS2. They also tried to have everyone believe all those rendered movies from last years E3 were in-game. Now they have just ended up with egg on their faces. On what basis is the Xbox360 a mickey mouse console? If the xbox360 is mickey mouse then the PS3 is mini mouse :g

i think the power of ps3 is very very difficult to use as there is ven rumor that gran turismo hd was running on pc hardware…if this is really true, the power of pc isn’t that bad compare to ps3 if i remember correctly, sony claimed that ps2’s emotion engine (mips cpu with sony’s simd instructions) was 3 time more powerful than pentium 3 733mhz cpu; however de-tuned xbox’s cpu p3 733 with 128kb cache turned out to be more powerful than ps2 maybe…just a maybe, but ps3 might not as powerful as we think it is

You’ll find a complete review about EE on arstechnica explaining how it works “in deep”. The thing you’ve to keep in mind is that PS3 CPU is a PPC with VMX plus seven dedicated cores that can be tuned to do specific tasks. PS2 core was really good but the limited system (32Mb) and video (2Mb) memory was a serious drawback. PS3 will be powerful, the real problem is the price…

Not only the cost, but the development time. Not sure if you saw the interview with Carmack, but he stated that the PS3 is very difficult to develop for, which is opposite of what the 360 is like. Therefore, developers have to put in much more time to push the PS3 to its limits, vs the 360. I personally love my 360, and will consider a PS3, when the cost drops and when they release God of War 3 on it. :g

When you charge $600 for a console, who is going to be impressed? Sony is sure working hard to make the Xbox 360 look like a great buy.
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The more advanced the console, the more complex the hardware, the more complex the operating system, the more difficult to write programs for. At least programs that fully use the hardware capabilities. And still no word from Sony about their online gaming concept and server strategy. Do they have any?