PlayStation 3 delayed due to copy protection development



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shimman, DamnedIfIknow and Siswell all used our news submit to tell us that the Sony PlayStation 3 has been delayed. DamnedIfIknow said: "I heard they"re gonna rename it…

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Good news indeed as I hope both formats fall flat on their DRM arseholes. DRM is bad for consumers and should not be encouraged. The amount of investment in the blue laser format is high but could be a lot less if they cut out the DRM. I refuse to pay a premium for a device that restricts or limits my use of it. The same goes for the VISTA upgrade.:S


If you bought dvd’s then you support DRM so stop being such a hippie. Also it’s not up to you if this thing takes off it’s the general public and sadly they are going to be forced to accept one format


More like the Sony “Spinstation”. 3 weeks ago, they vehemently denied any delays (as reported by Merrill Lynch) Now, they trot out the DRM scape-goat. Corporate spin and b.s. at it’s finest. I guess Sony is just the latest entry in the “zero credibility” sweepstakes.


The biggest joke is Sony Entertainment and Sony Electronics are probably fighting each other on the DRM issue. Works for me, Sony stock lost a few points on the news. :g


oh and by the way psychoace it is upto us who buys what and when soget of ya horse i mean donkey in your case u sony freak


Where are the fanboys (well, besides Psychoace’s lame attempt)? I’m guessing the delay doesn’t have the least bit to do with DRM… it has far more to do withthe fact that Sony realizes the PS3 is a boondoggle that will kill a great product line and likely sink them in the process. Smart thing to do - delay the release and work as much cost out of it as possible, to minimize the damage. Sadly, the Playstation line is doomed, and was the minute they decided to put Bluray into it (and perhaps also because of their insistence on expensive proprietary tech like “cell” processors)… this action will only prolong the Playstation line a little longer. Ultimately, the console will see release when it is beaten to market by the other two rivals and probably still be twice (or more) the price. At least Sony won’t be pissing off early BD hardware vendors - which is probably one reason BD players were getting pulled off the release schedules. A cheaper BD player that also happened to be a game system would definitely have alienated all of the non-Sony vendors in the BD camp, and must have caused a bit of alarm. Still, Sony is getting dragged under by the weight of its own arrogance. Their desire to use proprietary technology at every turn is hurting them, and in this case, killing them. Too much infrastructure, too high of a price for consumers - it’s why Sony completely missed out on the MP3 player market, when their Walkman brand could have stolen the show; but Sony’s stupidity mired them with ATRAC and Minidiscs. Sony’s reliance on their proprietary memory sticks is another example - I know I’ll never buy a camera dependent on anything but SD or Compact Flash. Honestly, why do they let retards run multi-national conglomerates, anyway?


sorry to tell you this but your not the droned out dumb masses that will determine a products success. If one company sells more then another company most dumb people who don’t know anything about dvd’s other then what they read in the news papers will buy the product that seems to be better and it will just be another win. There is no way both will fail someone will buy something. If you believe that both multi billion dollar ventures will fail you need to get out of your poor deluted state and grow up. The capital system that is in effect dosn’t optimize everything for the smart but it takes advangtage of the dumb. There is a lot more dumb people then there are smart so as a semi-compliment your not the smart percentage that will determine what floats and what sinks


More good news! First we hear from WHV that HD DVD is being “postponed” and now SONY flip-flops on their earlier denial of a PS3 delay. I love it when these mega-conglomarates shoot themselves in the… foot.


“I’m going to only say that it’ll be expensive. I’m aware that with all these technologies, the PS3 can’t be offered at a price that’s targeted towards households.” - Sony’s Ken Kutaragi There you have it. Sony isn’t targeting households with the PS3. I’m not sure what he’s targeting, but it’s not the “dumb masses” so your comments don’t really match up to the reality. I really can’t say who will be buying these things, but clearly, Sony is thinking on an entirely different track for the rest of the human race. Maybe there’s a market for PS3 on Altaris VI, or in the Alternate Dimension of Lemmu - yeah, that’s the ticket, they’ll buy these things like hotcakes, and not even know they are being taken. Sorry, but those “dumb” people took almost 8 years to ditch their VHS machines and buy DVD players. The RICH dumb people, as many as there are, are simply not enough to make a valid market for the PS3 - and they are the only ones who will be able to rush out and buy them. Most of the shmucks who had the cash spent it already - on the Xbox 360.


What pisses me off is that TV reported the PS3’s delay in launching as due to ‘technology problems’. I kid you not. BBC news.


many are extecting ps3 to be 500usd…half the price of what ML predicted, but still, i think it is way too expensive even with bd support. only way sony can convince me to buy ps3 is to sell ps3 as a linus desktop. i bet sony would not do it, but if sony does, it would be very interesting :wink:


Thanks for the Hippie compliment but I’m more of a Punk. However DRM has been introduced after the introduction of DVD technology and as a member of the public I will not be forced to accept anything DRM. :frowning:


Actually your not too far from it… From: “Mr. Kutaragi only compounded such fears on Wednesday by announcing that PlayStation 3 will also include a 60 gigabyte hard-disc drive, Linux operating software and the ability to handle broadband Internet connections. These additional features will allow the game console to double as a home server, further driving up production costs.” This is getting weirder by the second…


I’m liking how they are now going to put a minimum 60gb hard drive in all the models. Not just a little 20gb drive in the premium model. How much can a friggin 20gb drive cost, and would it really be that much cheaper then a 60. There both smaller sizes compared to the ones on the shelf at a store, so they probably don’t have a big price difference. So sony’s going to have a blue-ray drive and a mandatory hard drive. Both good movies I Think. this generation I had an xbox, this time maybe i’ll get a ps3… the xbox went a little backwards with the non-mandatory hard drive and a standard dvd drive.


What I want to know is, how in the heck can they sell this PS3 with a BD in it for 500 bucks? I mean how in the heck can you pull this off and not lose your ass?!? Even with upcharged games it is just crazy. They are undercutting their own format. They should have just provided a port for the PS3 like MS did for the Xbox. This is getting crazier by the minute.
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