Playstation 3 Blu-ray drives will cost Sony a small fortune



I just posted the article Playstation 3 Blu-ray drives will cost Sony a small fortune.

Sony must
be pretty serious in promoting the Blu-ray format. According to an article at
the Inquirer
the company is going to pay more than $100 per Playstation …

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strange a crap company like $ony who killed decrypter putting all their eggs in one basket here blu ray is dead in the water hopefully but the idiot hard liners who have to have a sony playstation 3 will be like lambs to the slaughter or is it just a plain issue of more money than sense ?


It was Macrovision that killed DVD Decrypter, not Sony. Personally, I think HD-DVD will be dead in the water once the PS3 is released. Who’s going to buy a HD-DVD player when they have a PS3 or even a Blu-Ray drive in their computer?


Blu-ray will probably win this battle. Sony has a large movie business to push the new format with and content is the reason why a format wins. I don’t care what format wins; they both have copy protection as the number one feature so until someone breaks it I probably won’t bother with either. I won’t pay for anything from Microsoft if I buy a game system after whatever Nintendo puts out it would have to be a Sony machine but I won’t buy it at launch and I won’t pay the retard launch tax. The real problem here is Microsoft is going to raise the price of the xbox360 so it won’t look cheap compared to the Sony machine, and that will help Microsoft make a profit (some day) on their video game business, and the last thing I want is Microsoft to take over another business. And you stupid people who think Microsoft is a good company and not doing anything wrong just WAIT till you buy an upcoming computer that ONLY runs Windows Vista. Microsoft wants to turn your PC into a console (or cell phone) only they control. Microsoft has the backing of AMD and Intel, and thanks to the way corporations run everything now no one will stop them. If you want to run Linux you can do it on a PC that costs 2x more then the Vista PC and at some point you won’t be able to find a computer that won’t be locked to some Microsoft product just like you can’t use that cell phone with another carrier. PC = Cell Phone = Game console, Microsoft will get paid every time you scratch your digital ass.


read too many conspiracy theories, havent we?


I wish I was wrong/crazy.


who cares if it will cost sony 100usd; i don’t think it will cost sony 100usd, but it is just a hype to make ps3 look cheaper & valuable. there is nothing special about this as sony has been making hypes all the time. sony is as bad as ms & sony is a control freak. i think xbox360’s choice of media, dvd is a good one as it will help dvd’s life go little longer. afaik, bd’s default codec is mpeg2 while hd dvd is ms’s own codec; this is why i think ms is pushing hd dvd; sony is pushing bd to control the media far more than dvd; cracking bd would be far more difficult & it is likely to become hide & catch kind of never ending battles; meaning end of dvddecrypter & mode chip sony must think that ps3 can push bd to the victory & they don’t want to loose any money while pusing it, so they create such hypes to justify the cost of machine while make it more appealing. end of good era of dvd is near sadly…i wish that there will be something like mpeg4 dvd with css like weak protection so that i can get rid of lousy warnings & logos & previews


BD will be using some form of MPEG-4 AVC, not MPEG-2;)


Sony also spent a lot of money pushing Betamax and it still lost to VHS even though it was superior! While I believe that Blu-ray will have a definite advantage over HD-DVD due to the PS3, I wouldn’t count them out as history has a way of repeating itself :X