Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 to support DivX?

I just posted the article Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 to support DivX?.

Of course you would love to be able to play your cough backupped movies that you somehow managed to get in the DivX format from the internet on your console. Untill now this seems to have always…

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Another good reason to prefer the PS over the Xbox, Blu-ray and Divx :S

BRING IT ON Hopefully with automatic Xvid support as they are usually interchangeable…

Re Afterburner post. And a crappy selction of games ! Why anyone would want a PS3 over a 360 with today’s amazing 360 game library is beyond me, unless its for the high-risk of getting a blu-ray player.

@IVID…Another Sony Basher why don’t you just admit that the PS3 is way ahead of the Xbox.

Let PS3 support x264 and i’ll get one :P, WII Ownz you all :slight_smile:

@ jackjones Relax, man. Ivid is just expressing his opinion and perhaps some fact. Speaking of facts, why not supply some to back up your crazy statement. Just because you say the PS3 is better than the Xbox360 doesn’t make it so. Prove it. And next time, please use proper punctuation and capitalization. And just for the record, yes, I’m also a $ony basher. :+

@ SpeedyJDK I think we’re all waiting for a hardware x264 player.

Good that I buy consoles for playing games… Seems like $ony fanboys bought a 500-600 bucks DivX player. :r Good luck with their toys as decent PS3 games are rare so they have to spend their time somehow. :d regards, Stephen

@DukeNukem Mandatory Video codecs MPEG-4 AVC (H.264) / VC-1 / MPEG-2 — from Wiki: so there is a chance x.264 is supported but I dont know for sure. :S
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They should have been supported the format.

Does anyone know if H.264 is the same as x264?

@ FidelC Thanks for the tip. I’m looking at getting a 42" or 50" LCD TV after Christmas and it would be great if I could get an HD DVD player to play x264 files from DVD. :slight_smile:

x264 is a CODEC! it’s the software that produces a MPEG-4 AVC (MPEG 4 Part 10) aka H.264 “video stream” … your files are probably “containered” in an AVI file (which holds the audio stream as well) or a MP4 container … which is not the same “formatting” as a HD-DVD/BluRay disc. It could be possible to have software make it playable because the codec that will need to decode it is the same - it just needs to “understand” the container to get the data it needs to decode.

> Does anyone know if H.264 is the same as x264? h264 is the name for the codec, x264 is one of the implementations of that codec.

Thanks for the info.

Who uses DivX nowadays anyway, its just a commercial codec. XviD is the #1 movie codec at the mo with x264 coming slose up behind. Luckily 90% or more MPEG4 players play XviD aswell as it more or less the same as DivX anyway.

@ ADz Just a commercial codec? What’s wrong with a commercial product? You make “commercial” sound like “cancer”.

Can we say ConvertX2DVD… It works wonders with my DivX backups… They play on every dvd player I’ve tried them on…

Anyone who bashes the Sony, remember this: GT5 and MGS4 = Win. As for Xvid and Divx, who cares, I hook my LCD up to my PC and watch things far easier and hassle free like this. No point in having it play on the console. Also, so many DVD players already support this so I don’t see what the fuss is about.