Playstation 2 will support DivX video

I just posted the article Playstation 2 will support DivX video.

The companies DivXNetworks and BroadQ have announced that their software called QCast Tuner now enables the PlayStation 2 to playback DivX files.

All videos encoded in DivX 5.xx and and…

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great!!! as i have a ps2 i am really happy about this, esp as it plays mp3 cd’s too now if they got it to supoprt divx 3+4 (which is virtually my whole collection) it would be brilliant!!!

It supports also DivX 3 and 4, sorry, I left that out, editted it now !

i may be wrong but arnt you just streaming video from your pc to the ps2? if so whats the point?

Yes, it just streams it, but seeing as I would rather watch movies on my home entertainment center than on a 15" computer screen, it’s a good investment. Besides, my PS2 is wired already. Why not get my moneys worth on that Network Adapter.

for the money of that software, the network adapter, the hub, the optional wiress sections etc. etc. i might as well just buy 2 wires. I s-video to go from my puter into the tv, the other to plug my sound card into my stereo. As it only streams of the pc anyway what is the different - total waste of time

not everyone has tv out on their video cards. most do have audio, though. this is for peeps who dont have the former, and still want that option the real issue is wich way is cheaper. also, standard SVideo/RCA cables cant really go that far, IE, out the room, down the hall, down some stairs, thru the kitchen, into the living room. This way its piping it across a network. -Icefired

o i can just see the wife leting me run 40m of network cable from my pc to the ps2 LOL

Why dont pep just buy an x-box if they wana watch divx.svcd.vcd.dvd.mp3 o it also plays games too