Playstation 2 sales top 50 million in North America

I just posted the article Playstation 2 sales top 50 million in North America.

More than eight years after it first landed on North American shores, Sony’s Playstation 2 video game console has reached a staggering milestone: To date, over 50 million units have been sold in…

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If Sony wants people to buy their PS3 console,and not the PS2,they better bring back the backward compatibility of their 1st generation PS3…otherwise,I think there will be still PS2’s sold after the PS3 died… :wink: :bigsmile:

Considering the PS2 Dvd-rom players die right at 1 year, and you can’t buy replacement Dvd-roms that are compatible. No wonder Sony sold so many. I do have to admit, it was a very good console to game with. But Microsoft took a lot of wind out of their sales with the highly modifiable Xbox.

Then the 360 got released way before the PS3, and the 360 was way cheaper, better graphics, and a crap load of game releases hit the market. The PS3 is still plagued with coding challenges and game manufactures are staying away from it like the plauge.

So what do you think? PS4 in 2010?

this is not really a surprise, the PS2 is a good console and it’s very cheap these days. not to forget that there are a lot of good games around.

what are you talking about? I agree that there were DRE’s but many were fixed by Sony and you could buy replacement drives and lasers. The only systems that broke so fast were the ones that were abused usually. PS2 was a strong built console.

Say you remove 5 million for repeats bought by people (which is too high to begin with), thats still 45 million sold, way more than any other console I believe.

hope not, i bought the dreamcast last gen, and felt screwed over at its early demise, so i don’t want that to happen again to the ps3!!