PlayStation 2 owners file suit against Sony, DVD read error

I just posted the article PlayStation 2 owners file suit against Sony, DVD read error.

According to the website of have several owners of a Playstation 2, filed a class action suit against Sony. The people are claiming their Sony PlayStation 2 units…

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probably true of the first run Ps2’s ( V1-V4 mainboards ), there have been a lot of complaints of disc read errors & seek errors with a certain game: “Xenosaga” which is Ps2’s first dual layer game.

We should start a class action against Microsoft for falsely advertising that the X-Box is actually remotely reliable. It’s not.
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I only have one DVD that I have a problem with - Star Trek “Insurrection”. During the chapter where Picard and Worf are chasing Data in spacecraft, the film freezes for a short moment, then jumps straight to the next chapter. Doesn’t happen on my computer or laptop. Odd. The only other one I had a problem with was scratched to hell, so I don’t consider that to be the PS2’s fault.