Playstation 2 oddity?

OK, I purchased ANYDVD a while back and it was working beautifully. I was even making +Rs and playing them on my Playstation 2. When my movies stopped playing on the TV and only played on my PC I was ready to blame the software. After all, that’s the only thing that had changed. I didn’t touch the PS2 and I was still using the same media as I had been playing from the beginning.

I went nuts uninstalling/reinstalling and checking out different apps to burn the copies. I was certain it was the software because I recopied a movie that played previously and that didn’t play either. It wasn’t until I gave someone one of the DVDs I couldn’t play that I found that the problem was my player. I didn’t even think this was a possibility, after all I didn’t change the player, it worked before.

My question is: Has anyone heard of any way that playing a DVD would cause a change in the way a player plays? Some form of copy protection or the like?? A friend claims that one of the DVDs I gave him also did the same thing to his player (I’ll see if I can find the model), and I was skeptical until this happened.

Also worth noting, the dumb thing still plays and has always played original movies.

The silence is deafening. I guess no one has had this happen to them?

Never saw such a thing earlier. Are you sure the media is region- and rce-free?

yup, in fact I had movies play and then not play. I went back and recopied an old movie that had played and the new copy didn’t play. It wasn’t until I went back to watch the old copy that I realized it was the player and not the copies. What further threw me is that the PS2 has absolutely no problems with the original movies.

Laser problem? Only thing I could think of.

The thing that confuses me most is that it will still play originals.

It could still be a failing laser. Recordable media is the first thing to quit working when a laser starts going out. Keep in mind that recordable media isn’t read as easily as factory pressed discs. Also, Videogame consoles (Barring the latest PS2s) weren’t really designed to read recordable media. I would also point out that I wouldn’t be using a videogame console as a regular DVD Player as it just makes it wear out faster. When you consider that there are $30 DVD Players that will perform every bit as well as your PS2, it just doesn’t make it worth it.