Playstation 2 help! I'm at a loss

Ok, I tried hunting through your forums so I wouldn’t have to post a new thread but I just can’t find the answers I’m looking for. I got a playstation 2 from a friend when she got a new one. It’s a SCPH-50001 and it works fine except for a new set of DVDs I just got. I bought them from China and two of the disks in the series will play just fine but the other 12 won’t. The two disks that play ok are both region 3, the disks that WON’T play all say region “all” on them. I was stumped as to why the region 3s would play but not the region "all"s. I even went out and bought a “Max Replay” CD to run so I can get the PS2 to play different regions. Still nothing. :sad:

I put the DVD in and it shows up on the main screen as a disk you can select, then when I select it, the screen just goes black and nothing else happens. No error messages, no menu, just nothing. The disks are brand new, and were still shrink wrapped when I got them so I am assuming that it’s not any scratches in the disks. They’re all pristine on the back.

HELP! I really want to watch the movies but I’m out of ideas and all the searching I’ve done comes up with nothing. Can anyone tell me what in the world is going on?? I’ll worship you! :bow:

What colour are the discs purple or silver?

All of them are silver.

That rules out the discs being pirates, shrink wrap means othing I can buy them online. Do they play on stand alone players?

No. I can’t seem to get them to play on the regular DVD player either. :confused: Usually, you can tell if a disk is a burned version and these very much look authentic. All the pictures on the front of the DVDs are actually printed there and they all have the usual don’t copy warning label. The disk itself has a chinese holographic etching around the clear center portion of the disk. :confused: I’m just confused as to why, if the disks are bad, howcome two of them play just fine but not the others.

The pirate discs from asia are pressed not burned. They will be silver - not purple - and most look very good with holographic logos + warnings etc…

This isnt helping you with why it wont play though…

Usually that’s right!

try processing your “all region” dvd’s to dvdshrink and make them really region free. If the PS2 will play those dvd’s, your originals weren’t region free.

Yes but if they are silver wouldn’t the PS2 recognise them as standard DVDs? I know if you want to play your own copies it needs modding. Though it should not be causing problems with the stand alones if it is region free. I have yet to see a silver one, pirate that is, all the ones I have seen are purple.

Does it play on a pc? If it is region locked and you haven’t set a region it should ask you to. Well mine does anyway and I haven’t installed the software that makes it multi-region yet.

The PS2 will play any MOVIE, regardless of whether it’s an original or a copy, just so long as its laser can read it.

I think you’ve got discs with mastering/pressing defects. I mean, you DID say that your other set-top boxen couldn’t read them either, right?

IF the PC DVD ROM can see them, rip them to the hard disk, and have DVD Shrink process them and burn them back to DVD+/-R.

THanks to everyone for all the input. I really appreciate it. I tried the episode DVDs and the movie DVDs (they came in the same set) in a regular DVD player again just to check and the movie ones play fine, it’s only the episode ones that don’t. I guess my next step is trying to play them on my PC. I’ll let you know if that works. Thanks.