Playstation 2 gets stunning new look and now network-ready



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  TOKYO, September 21, 2004 Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.  (SCEI) announced today its plans for the global release of a new, redesigned  PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system...
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I couldn’t help myself and had to pre-order mine the day after I saw a picture of the new unit. Now I’ll have to get back out those Playstation games .:slight_smile:


So it’s the same PS2 in a smaller form factor. Oh boy, move along - nothing to see here…


Only thing new is that you can’t add a hard drive to this unit.


hd slot is gone?


Yeah theirs no HD slot Sony said that anyone who wants to play the only game which requires a HD (a Final Fantasy game) will either already have a PS2 or can just get one of the “older” models. Of course those who want to use HD backups are also left out in the cold. Still the unit looks pretty sweet I wouldnt mind having one over my old PS2 its a pitty its a top loader but the size of it is so small compared to the ton of bricks that is the Xbox :g


anybody think that there is enough place for a modchip


Their probably is, most modchips are stamp sized or thereabouts in terms of dimensions and there should be enough space between the chips on the PCB to fit one in though I am just speculating. The hardest part about modding PS2’s was opening the darn things. With the power supply external and it being a top loader the PSTwo “could” be a lot easier to take apart.


but the Layout has changed - maybe even enough to make all actual modchips not working. I bet they did something gáinst those thingies - all console manufacturers say that hey want to make the big $$$ with the games - not the hardware:*


its just my guessing but i would think that it would be really hard to install the modchip in new ps2 either two or three chipsets in one chipset now and thats how Sony was able to reduce the size, and also the layout has been changed a lot i suppose.


They did the same to the PSOne , and they can be chipped, so in theory you could chip it, but it would need a new design modchip.