Playstation 2 CD Burning Questions

I’ve got a couple of questions about burning Playstation 2 games.
First - I’m very intrested in buying a mod chip for my Playstation 2;
Is it worthwhile to buy a DVD burner? Do they burn Playstation 2
games better? And if they do which one should I get, I’ve had
awesome luck with my Lite-On burner, so should I go with a Lite-On
DVD burner? Also, do places like Blockbuster and others put CD protections
on their games? If so, what is it and how do you get around it? I guess a couple of questions turned into quite a few. Anyways, any feedback would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance

“Also, do places like Blockbuster and others put CD protections
on their games?”

Sounds like pirating to me! That is illegal and no-one here will help you. Read the forum rules!

Yes it does.

No PS2 BACKUP will work without a modchip.

The majority of PS2 games are DVD based so it would be a good idea to buy a DVD burner. You can always rip the DVD based games and burn it onto a CD butthat would wear out your laser a lot faster.

You can’t play any backups (DVD or CD) without a modchip or slide card or such.

As to your question about blockbuster, can’t answer that, never did that.

merther02 your so totaly WRONG ps2 backup wont run without a modchip!!! but dvd backup will run without a modchip if its right rigion

most psx/ps2 games dont have protection of 1200 games like 40 have a copy protection

Sorry w_lund, but merther02 is right, your wrong. He said ps2 backup which means 99.9% of the time, a game. They will not work without a chip. Second, almost all psx/ps2 games have protection, if they didn’t, why would everyone buy modchips?