Playstation 2 and X Box Games

Does DVDFAb clone these games exactly or does your console need to be mod chipped to play backed up games? My kids always seem to be trashing their games so I was just wondering if they can be cloned and used??? :frowning:

DVDFab Platinum will backup PS2 games it needs to mod or you can use swap magic disc’s to load the backup disc, you need to use the clone mode and make sure you have booktype checked in common settings if you use DVD+R media also burn slow

I usually use DVD-R discs, {Verbatim} but I’m a little unsure about what you mean by “swap magic discs”. Could you please explain???

Best way for you is to do a google search for swap magic, the thing about the swap magic is that you put the swap magic disc in the PS2 console and it boots the console to main screen and the you use a slid tool to open the tray without resetting the unit when you open the tray you then take out the swap magic disc and put your backup in close the tray and the game starts.
But like I said you should do a google search so you get better info on it.

Thanks mate - I will have a go at it!