Playstation 1 problems..... please help

ok i posted this in the Alcohol forum too, because i use Alcohole, but i use other software too so im posting here.

I have metal sluggs 4 for the playstation, ( ok its sad but the kids love it, its getting scratched too )

Cloney gives me key2audio protection and cd type cdextra. and NOT libkrypt. it has 13 tracks, 12 audio and 1 data.

how do i copy this?? i tried Alcohol with alcoholer settings and get a coaster with key2audio and cd extra settings. one setting gets to 99% then gives a read error and says do you want to del the image i tried too CDaudio+ datatype ( this is with Alcohol 120 ).

thanks for all your time people who ever you are, you make it all worth while.

tinku :slight_smile:

Never use Cloney with PSX cds, it simply cannot tell you anything about protection.
Use CDRWin (Goldenhawk) BUT if you get any errors during read process then don’t bother.
PSX cds do not have any errors and any found during reading means that your source cd is bad.

ok thanks, i wounder why the origional plays just fine if it is a defective cd ?

ok a scratch or two would make it uncopyable maybe.

tinku :slight_smile:

It depends entirely on the depth of the scratches, but seeing as your game currently plays, its best to make your backup now before it gets any worse … Just choose the Playstaion option and all should be fine …

tried a playstation datatype and it gets to 99% and gives an error.

when the copy starts it says cant read subchannel data from disk…

yet i have no problems copying other playstation disks


Metal Slug doesn’t have any protection.
Use Goldenhawk’s CDRWin.
Do not change any options at all, it installs with optimum settings to copy PSX games.
Use the menu option ‘Extract Disc/Tracks/Sectors’ to create an image of the cd.
If it fails to read the cd, i.e. gives an error saying it cannot read, then do NOT bother.
It may be of use to use Binchunker, integral in Fireburner now, to scan the .bin file for errors.
If there are errors then do NOT bother.
Use the menu option ‘Record Disc’ to record it.
You cannot copy a damaged cd and expect it to work.

Originally posted by Black Diamond
Metal Slug doesn’t have any protection.

You cannot copy a damaged cd and expect it to work.

Whilst this is generally good advice, there is a method that I’ve used in the past to copy unprotected but damaged psx cds with good results. In fact, on some occasions, I’ve been able to produce a working copy from a copy that has been so badly damaged that it no longer works (yes my kids and, particularly, their m8s are very hard on psx cds).

This is the method that I use:

Make an image of the damaged psx cd with discdump in standard mode. Note that depending on the extent of the damage this will almost certainly take a long time. You’ll need to be patient and don’t be surprised if it dumps say 93% of the image in 2 to 3 mins and then takes an hour to do the next 3% before taking only a few seconds to complete. The image making process will slow down drastically whenever it reaches a damaged area.

Once discdump has finally completed its job, it’s time to burn the image and the best program to use for this is firebuner but, if you don’t have fireburner, you can use the freeware burnatonce to achieve similar results.

Note that you must use a cdr as cdrws don’t work in psx consoles and you should use the best quality media that you can afford.

If using fireburner, burn the image using session-at-once (i.e. cooked) which will repair the damaged sectors of the image (do not use dao16 or dao96 as raw burning will merely duplicate the damaged sectors and that defeats the purpose of the exercise). You should also burn at low speed (e.g. 8x or even 4x if your writer can burn a cdr that slowly). It’s also a good idea to check the auto-correct sub-channel data and auto-correct edc/ecc options for the burn too.

The burnt cd will then be undamaged and fully readable. If the original was still working, the copy will work (often better than the damaged original). If the original was no longer working, it may well be that your copy will work though, of course, there are no guarantees in that case.

If using burnatonce, make sure that you burn with the “Use raw driver” option in the device settings unchecked and again burn at low speed. I’ve had good results with that method too.