Playstation 1 game

Hi, after searching threads, I wanted to be sure that from the collection of data and other peoples observations my approach to copying a Playstation1 game is correct. I also have some questions.

I downloaded a libcrypt profile here:

Is this profile good, I am using clonecd

Next, do I read in my Toshiba DVD-Rom, or my Lite-On drive, which is better for this purpose?

Also, I plan to burn on Taiyo Yuden based Dye Media, what burning speed is best to achieve a nice working copy?

And yes my PSX has a mod chip.

on this forum you can find also profiles for psx…

perhaps you should try both

the toshiba is very good at reading with the profiles

not very known with backing-up psx software but i heart that you need low speeds (4x max)

I just compared them and there are differences, I dunno which one is better. Also, some lines in one are missing in the other as far as options go. maybe one is meant for older version of Clone. I will wait for someone who knows for sure to tell me. I don’t want coasters, i have enough for my neighbors neighbors at this point…lol :slight_smile:

to copy libcrypt protected games, you must write the subs. slower burns are probably better. sadly, cheap media is reported to be the best for this task, with PRINCO being #1, from my reading.

also, has an entire section for playstation games - which is where i learned most of this - consider checking it out.

The only options that are important for PSX are reading the Data and Audio Subs and writing them uncorrected. Our Profiles on this forum were set-up for speed so they will read the Subs at the higest speed which isn’t always recommended for PSX. In the Profiles thread you can also read this:

It might be a good idea to lower the read speed when dealing with certain copy-protections (SafeDisc 2, PSX) and less quality readers.

All the facts are pretty clear in the FAQ and the links from it.

Just to sum up and to be clear:

The data sub must be read and written uncorrected - achieved using a 96+ (byte) write (“Don’t repair…”)

The audio subs are irrelevant. Even if there is Red Book audio (digital audio) on the disc, it’s unaffected.

The read should be 8x or less. There are several reasons why such as the console laser, Full Motion Video and step heights.

Write is (can be) max.

Use the best media you can find: Verbatim super AZO Data Life Plus, Mitsu Chem, Kodak Gold …

I always had trouble with the settings for clone for pxs backups and got sick of making frisbees for the dog. Tried the settings on scout using blindwrite and have had no trouble since. I could run the backups on a mates psx, but not on the kids. and also got the best results from silver dyes, gold was crap and blue would’nt even boot.

Originally posted by harryhoo
I … got the best results from silver dyes, gold was crap and blue would’nt even boot.

Odd. I’ve never had a problem with either Mitsui golds or Verb dlps (blue).

Incidentally xtacydima, there really isn’t any need for a custom profile. The default game cd profile works just fine. Just lower your read speed to say 8x (and, out of an abundance of caution, you might want to burn at 8x too).

Well I tried it with the default game profile, and on Fuji Film Taiyo Yuden cdr’s, and i found an interesting observation. The game runs in my PSX emulator, but not in the game console. Is it the media or maybe I need to make a copy with a diff profile? Where can I get Kodak Gold cdr’s, they appear to be hard to find.

Originally posted by xtacydima
Where can I get Kodak Gold cdr’s, they appear to be hard to find.
They are not made anymore. JB HiFi used to be my source.

Well I tried to copy a PSX game by reading at 4x in my Toshiba and burning it with my Lite-on at 4x. It was with CloneCD4.2.0.2 Libcrypt profile. It was burned on FujiFilm (Taiyo Yuden Dye) media. The playstation has a mod chip and starts to load the backup. The game is however not responsive to the controller. Other games are responsive so I know that the controller is working. Its like something doesnt load properly. Original works fine. What else can I try. Perhaps something other than CloneCD? What else can make a copy of PSX Libcrypt? Should I try a diff way with clonecd? This is quite frustrating.

I have also the follwoing:
burnatonce .97a
ddump w/frontend v1.4.1

hello xtacydima

I’d like to thank you first for our valued participation at CDFreaks.

That said, when I started burning in July 2001 with a Ricoh MP7163A it was because we had come into posession of a PS1 and a whole bunch of original games (about a dozen). My kids were 10 and 13 at the time and the were trashing game discs and it needed to stop! As an aside, the 16X Ricoh cost AUD$260 at the time which is now over half the cost of a respectable DVD and CD writer :eek:

I tried a brand called Best Buy which worked 8-9 times out of 10. Sometimes the disc was just cactus, sometimes the disc would need to be taken out and re-seated to boot. Sometimes a working disc stopped working some time later. I went to Kodak Gold and had great success after that as long as I read at 8X (or less) I got 100% success. When I bought my 24102B and Golds were harder to get and Best Buy were still coastering on me I moved to Verbatim. I had been buying Mitsu for critical stuff but I find that emtec also works well for testing (and probably critical stuff as well).

I don’t know where you live but my Verbatim is made in Singapore as is the emtec. The DataLifePlus Verbatim is the same as the Mitsu but little Mitsu is made in Singapore. They use their own dye which works for me. The point of the story is that the CloneCD profile is correct - and given the physicl problems associated with PSX backups - you just have to find a good CD-R brand that works, overall, for you. That help? :bigsmile:

So you are saying I should try diff media types. Suspect thats the problem?

As I posted earlier, I had problems with the settings for CloneCD with PSX backups. I did try the settings for scout using Blindread/write and have not had onproblem since. Save it as a CDRWin image, burn away and bob’s your uncle. Yes, I know it’s a clonecd forum but hope it helps. :slight_smile: