Playstation 1 game burning problems

I cant burn ps1 game their is only one i care about red alert command and conquer ive been told 2 burn as data its not workin and useally when i try my computer shuts down i have nero n clone dvd 2 i dont have any drivers for ps1 or anything like that at all if u can help it would be greately appreciated :bow: although a pretty straite foward answer is alll that could work off as i know little about computers but im learnig i suppose cheers :confused:

If your computer shuts down when you try to copy a game, you have bigger problems to address!

You dont need drivers for ps1 are you trying to play the game on your computer if this is the case you will need an ps1 emulator…
but my opinion is ps1 games are for playing on ps1 consols not computers…
and as Gurm says you have bigger problems could you tell us when it shuts down is it when you start clonedvd or what
btw you should be using clonecd not clonedvd for ps1 games as they are all cd based…

Red Alert for PS1 can be copied 1:1 with any software, therfore the problem isn’t with the burnig app, I’d go with a clean operating system install, with Windows 200 and XP not much IT knowledge is necessary.

as mentioned earlier you have some software/hardware conflicts but you may still be able to copy this using nero but in copy options click on fly this will not use your pc’s proccessor and may work

As far as emulation goes:

You prolly mean it won’t use his hard disk drive that way, anyway you need to disable cacheing too for that.