Playstaion Copies

I may have answered why my backup copies made by clone cd of play station games wont work.

From clone cd help…

"I have a game console which uses CDs. Can I copy these CDs with CloneCD?
Sure you can copy them! But the question should be - will they work? And the answer is: No. CloneCD does not disable the boot protection found on console CDs. As we already said, CloneCD does not modify the data it reads or writes in any way.
However, if you have modified your game console already to accept backup copies, copies created by CloneCD will work. "

How can I modify my game console (playstation) to accept backup copies?

You need a so called MOD-chip

You can order them all over the internet, I believe it is even as simpel as

mod chip or cheat box something like game hunter will do the same thing.

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