Plays on computer not on dvd player/ the saint

i have posted this one before but have not been able to get it yet. i have a copy of shadow conspiracy that came from the uk, it is a us movie but only put on a dvd in the uk so far my problem is i can see it on my computer, but not on my dvd player. i have tried to back it up with 1 click and dvd region free+css and with dvd shrink, neither will make a copy that will play on my dvd , is there a way to get it copied that will make it play on a regular dvd player? let me remind you the original won’t play on my dvd player either!! please help.

It could be a region code problem, it could be that the quality of the media is poor, it could be that the video is in the wrong format. You need to give all information about the video, and run gspot against it and post the results here. Also check the disk and see if it is +r or -r, and see what your standalone dvd player can play.

If the DVD came from UK it most likely is PAL system instead of NTSC. It will play on your computer but not on DVD player if you live in North America, unless you have multisystem DVD player which, from your post, does not look like.
You will have to convert it to NTSC format. I had the same think when I bought my DVD from UK since it was not available in North America.
Get Gspot and load your file in it, it will tell you format and all.

You software player will also tell you.

I get a lot of DVDs from the UK (and live in Canada) - usually I remove the regional coding with AnyDVD, then burn a copy of the DVD with CloneDVD.
Both are free trial software for 20 days.
Just installing AnyDVD, should let you play the DVD on your computer.

To play on a standalone DVD player you may need to encode from PAL to NTSC - I believe you can do this using Nero. Do a search on CDF for “PAL to NTSC” I know there is a link to a tutorial on this.
But you may not have to do this, depending on your DVD player. If you can enable progressive scan and have HDTV system (projection, LCD, plasma) you may be able to play the burned copy of your film. This is by far the easiest route :iagree: You may also be able to just play a PAL DVD by selecting the right options for your player. I recommend seeing if there is a thread for your player on this site.