Plays on Computer but not DVD player

I have the newest versions of AnyDVD and CloneDVD2 (just bought them two weeks back).

My problem is that while all my backed up movies play on the computer only about half play on my (older) Toshiba DVD player attached to the TV.

Burner is a LG 6sa-41638 burner. I had the odd newest releases doing this with my old DVD43/DVD Decrypter/DVD Shrink combo but since I got the trial versions of AnyDVD/CloneDVD2 no more problems. Suddenly now half my back ups won’t play on the TV.

Help! :sad:

What media did you use?

I found that Verbatim DVD-R’s give me the best compatibility and playback results, for example.

Memorex DVD+R. I’ve been using these for a year now without a problem.

I did notice as I was typing this that they are 16x and all my previous ones were 12x disks. Maybe this is the problem but I’ve already tried burning at a slower speed with no improvement.

Could try burning them at 8x instead, just to test.

I would, if you can, pick up a small 5 or 10 pack of Verbatim DVD-R and test those.

Does your drive have Bit Setting? Have you tried bit-setting them to DVD-ROM?

I already tried burning at 8x with no luck.

I’d try the Verbatim disks but my home player has never liked -R disks. I think I’ll try another brand tonight to see what happens. As a side note the the disks seem to play on my neighbours TV with no problem so I’m hoping it’s just the 12x disks.

Never heard of bit setting?

Bit Setting / Book Typing lets your DVD+R’s look like DVD-ROM disks to your players.

If your burner has Bit Setting, you can use Nero to set it for you:

Yes you did have a problem. You were, however, unable to perceive your problem. Your Memorsux disks have been sitting on your shelf deteriorating all this time until your player no longer is able to recognized the data on the disks. BTW: The computer drive that created the backup will be the last of your “players” to fail to recognize those memorex backups … but that drive will also someday fail to read them.

Doesn’t matter; they are all crap!

You got that part right.

All over the cdfreaks Forum, in virtually every posting you might have gotten a hit for, [I]if you had searched for the keyword “Memorex”[/I], members have posted about the horrid quality, lack of longevity, and variences in quality between different batches, speed ratings or variences even within the same spindle of disks. They just plaster their memorex name on the lowest bidder manufacuter!

Quality of DVD backup media is [I]EVERYTHING[/I] in your chosen hobby of making backups. Suggest you do a little research before you buy media or any other product. My guess is you grabbed memorsux because “… they used to make great video & audio tape cassettes …” … right?

This is NOT the way to do it … [I]Do your research[/I]!


Again, please learn to do your research.

Sorry if I seem brutal, but I just get irate that at this point in timeline (2006) of digital backup progress, Memorex is still fooling people into buying their media!

Then buy Verbatim +R media and booktype (bitset) them to DVD-ROM standard.

Best regards,

That was kinda harsh…

Hello Whisperer1,

Friend you just need to give up. Most individuals who have been burning DVDs for over a year should know what BitSetting is and that Memorex Media is absolute garbage. You will beat your head to a bloody pulp attempting to assist Members that just want quick answers and will not take the time and/or effort to do a little research and educate their selves.

Best Regards,

Agreed Whisperer…
think of big white floppy eared bunnies and a beach in the Bahamas with naked woman all around. Then reply to posts!! :slight_smile:

It’s probably pretty dangerous expressing thoughts not 100% compliant with some of the rather vehement comments already in here - but here goes anyway. Kindly give me the benefit of the doubt and assume I am trying to be helpful and simply sharing my personal experiences. If folks want to call me an idiot also - please do it gently and politely . . . I bruise easily . . . :cool:

The biggest problem with Memorex media is that there is no such thing - it’s whatever some buyer latched onto on a given day - therefore you never know what you are going to get. Sometimes it’s ok - sometimes it’s total junk. Personally, I’ve never had a problem with it. As a matter of fact, I have a stack of rewritable Memorex media I’ve been using and reusing for the best part of 2 years - with no problems. But then, I have a Benq burner installed in my tower and it seems to be willing to write to most anything 99% of the time. However, I would agree 100% with the advice to folks not to buy Memorex media.

I also think there are a couple of clues in NaOH’s posts we may have glossed over. He mentions that his Toshiba dvd player is sometimes fussy with dvd-r media. That generally makes me wonder if it is fussy with other media also. I wish I knew the exact model number of his Toshiba player so we could look into what types of media plays well on it or not.

I expect his burner really is a LG GSA-4163B - so I looked it up on the trusty website. Comments in there portrayed some fans of the drive - and a bunch of folks who say it performed fine at first and then went downhill. I looked at media for it also - Memorex DVD+R (CMC & Ricoh oem) seem to do ok on this drive. But maybe our friend needs to update his firmware to deal with the 16x media he has started to use.

So, my suggestions to NaOH follow:

  1. look up the exact model number of your Toshiba standalone dvd player on and see what others experiences are with various types of media playing back on it.
  2. verify that your LG burner really is a model# GSA-4163B and look it up on to see exactly what media works well in it or not. When in doubt, the advice you’ve already been given to use Verbatim is good advice.
    Note: you need to identify the actual manufacturer id code of the media via something like DVDInfoPro in order to identify what the actual media manufacturer and type is. Sometimes the brand name on the package isn’t relevant to what is inside.
  3. check the firmware in your LG burner and see if an update is available. You may find the 16x media is the cause of your new problem if your current firmware does not have a specific write strategy encoded in it for that particular media and the drive is doing an inferior job burning using its default settings. Assuming this really is a LG-GSA-4163B, the latest firmware looks like A105. Look here:
  4. I read comments in which indicates that the LG GSA-4163B does not give much in the way of error messages when it does not complete a proper burn with media. If that is true, you need to be extra conservative when burning to your media. I’d suggest making sure nothing else is running on your machine when you burn. Be sure to cancel any resident programs which might interfere also. And be sure to set your burning program to “high” speed in your op system “task manager” so nothing interferes with it. You might also use a conservative burn speed in your burning program, even with your 16x media. Stick to 4x or 8x and see what happens.
  5. If your drive supports bitsetting, by all means set it for DVD-ROM booktype whenever burning to DVD+R media. It will help make your burned media compatible with more standalone dvd players.

I hope something in here proves of assistance to NaOH.

Rich86 is correct that Memorex actually doesn’t manufacture any their own media. Most of the Memorex media is actually manufactured by CMC Magnetics Corp in Taiwan. As suggested by Rich86 use one of programs like DVDInfo or DVD Identifier to obtain the MID of media so you known exactly what media you are actually using. The major problem with Memorex CMC Mag media is the lack of any stringent quality control. The quality will vary from disc to disc in the same package. Another problem is the poor quality Azo-Cyanine dye used, which leads to quality deterioration over a short period of time. When using CMS Mag manufactured media it is important to ensure that DVD Burner Firmware is current and up to date to be able to avail to the most current MID media write strategies to ensure good burning quality.

Just because a recorded DVD appears to play properly in a particular playback device is no true indictor that the burned DVD was recorded properly with out any errors. Suggest reviewing the informative Nero CD-DVD Speed User Guide and learn how to use this diagnostic tool to ensure that your recorded DVDs are in fact correctly recorded and don’t contain any errors ->

I learned a long time ago if you purchase known high quality media most of your burning problem will be solved. The known high quality media isn’t that more expensive than the cheap problematic media.