Plays fine on PC, horrible on home video setup

Dear all,
A beginers question of course.
I backed up a DVD (DVD-9) using DVDShrink first and then burning it using Nero with standard options. The DVD now fits on a single DVD+R and plays fine on my PC using a Plextor 708A. When I take this disk and put it in my home cinema setup, altough the menus are fine, the sound and video are both jerky and the backup…well useless.
Also the format is not right and seems to exceed the 16:9 format of my TV.
Where did I go wrong, and how do I correct it?

Hi pelletie and welcome to the forum ,

I can’t really tell if something went wrong on the burning process. If dvdshrink successfully made the files and nero flawlessly writes them , there should be no problem at all.

Perhaps your cinema set dvd player is somewhat picky with the media ? Could you try different kinds of DVD+ brands ?

I must admit I only tried 1 type of DVD+ from Sony (5DPR120N2). I will try others. My DVD player is a Panasonic XV10, and I must say I even had some issues playing original music CDs on, mostly verry recent ones. So you may well be right. Thanks for the advice. Cheers,