Playo +R DL - Quantum scans

My shipment of Playo double layer disks arrived. My first impression is the packaging looks significantly more professional than Matrix. I’ll be posting scans later tonight after I’ve burned a few in my collection of burners. I’ll be comparing to Verbatim and to Matrix. Watch this thread if interested.

Zevia did some Playo scans here:

Scans of Matrix DL here:


First burn with Pioneer 111D v1.23 at 2.4x

High PIE but readable and probably better than most Ritek DL.

Next I’ll burn with BenQ 1650, 1640, Liteon 165H6S and NEC 3550a.

I’ll throw in some Liteon scans too.

This was burned with a BenQ DW1650 BCHC at 2.4x

It should be noted that I had trouble getting my 1640 scanner to recognize this disk at all. I had to eject and load it back a few times to be recognized.

I also couldn’t get it to scan at 8x P-CAV. The scan would abort with an error. I’ve never seen this happen before with any other disk. It scanned okay at regular 8x.

Pretty crap aint they! Well thats fake stuff for ya!

Burned with BenQ DW1640 BSMB WOPC OFF

Pioneer 111D v1.23 at 2.4x - same disk as scanned earlier in the BenQ - this time scanned with Liteon. The Liteon scans show the Pioneer and BenQ 1650 have similar PIF, but the Pioneer has about 1/2 the PIE.

And the BenQ 1650 burn scanned in the Liteon

Burned with NEC 3550a 1.06 at 2.4x

The higher reported PIE on the Benq is directly related to the fact that Benq’s ‘overreport’ error levels once jitter goes over about 12%, PIE levels especially as you can see in your scans. Thanks for the comparisons/tests, BTW. While they would probably work fine in a decent player, clearly they are not something you’d want to use for important burns. Considering the costs of DL media and the fact that these aren’t significantly less expensive than good DL media, unless these start selling for dirt cheap it’s practically a product without a reasonable purpose IMO - but then again, there’s still a number of people buying Ritek DL media for its lower cost, and these are probably as good as or better than those discs. :stuck_out_tongue: I have plenty of uses to justify using cheap SL media, but these would have to be far cheaper to be worth the trouble, judging by your results. Impossible to say if they have decent stability or not, although my SL Playo discs have been fine.

P.S. - how much were these, and where did you buy them?

I agree with your comments regarding price point. When Verbatims were going for ~2.50 per disk, then these would be interesting to me at maybe ~1.25. With the going rate for Verbatims (without rebates) ~2.15 shipped from Newegg, and the Playo’s going for ~1.40 shipped from Meritline, that is not enough difference for me to justify.

However I’m not unhappy with how the Pioneer burns these disks and I would probably be more interested at <1 per disk assuming Verbs don’t keep coming down in price. Of course I’d like to know more about stability, but I honestly don’t know much about MKM 001 stability either.

We can’t really say with certainty that Verbatim’s DL media is going to have good stability in, say, 5 years, one would hope so but time will tell. I’m about the furthest thing from a media snob, I have just as much cheapo media as I have good media, I have several hundred of the SL Playo discs and I have zero coasters so far and they have not had stability issues, even though they don’t burn quite as nicely as my TY, MCC, etc. At $10 per 100 or cheaper, I’m quite happy with them for their intended use :slight_smile: But the thought of $1+ per disc is a bit hard to tolerate, at that price I’m a bit more particular when it comes to quality if you know what I mean :stuck_out_tongue: If Verbatim never sold for less than $2.50-$3, then I’d consider these, but I’ve seen them sell for ~$1.20 on occasion (yesterday I believe, maybe even still today via Newegg), and I bought a 10 pack a couple months ago for $.70 per disc (after rebate). At those prices I’ll patiently wait for the occasional sales, although I’d give the Playo discs a try if they drop to around $.50-.60 (unlikely for awhile at least).

Did you scan any of your discs for jitter in your Liteon using DVDScan by chance? I’d be curious how the Liteon reports the jitter compared to the Benq.

I tried, but it seemed to hang. I ran out of patience trying to get it to work.

I also tried to burn two Playo’s in the Liteon. It killed the disk both times before finishing the burn. It’s not a big surprise to me. I haven’t found much use for the Liteon except as a scanner.

Look what I just stumbled across - 50 pack for $50 shipped.

Still doesn’t change the fact that these don’t burn all that great, but at least we’re seeing lower prices.

Good catch. That does make me have to consider these.

For reference, here is a scan of a commercial pressed disk, my copy of Saving Private Ryan.

This makes me remember, it was only a few years ago when DVD burning was new and when the 2x burners came out, Ritek G03 was the hot media that everyone wanted. I remember paying ~1 to ~1.30 a disk in spindles of 100.

Yeah, prices are all relative, although I compare DL media pricing to the fact that SL media is far cheaper and in most cases I can make use of SL media, although it often means sacrificing quality (and this is obviously when speaking of DVD Video content).

Regarding comparisons to pressed media, there’s important differences between pressed media and dye-based media that make comparing quality scans of somewhat limited value. Pressed media generally has much better stability for one thing, as well as other factors such as better reflectivity, lack of compatibility concerns, etc.

These have actually increased in price to ~1.5 per disk. IMO this is way too high for this budget media when Verbatims are available for a little more. And why are they only sold through Meritline of all places?

This is not a credible source.
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A certain person in Japan bought the disk directly from the ABCRON Co.
and, he received the disks and compatibility list of that.
the title of the list is “UmeDisc Double Layer Compatibility List”

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UmeDisc Limited (optical disk manufacturer in HongKong)

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