Playo Dvdr?

I was just wondering about these off the wall brand of Media I’ve never heard of.
Have any of you ever heard of this brand and what are your experiences with them? From reading the label they 8x and are made by some company named Abcron. Also I keep thinking of Playboy when I see Playo.
They seem very sturdy,they have that media stink and the label side seems okay. Actually they look like some memorex dvdr i have.

Just wondering about them since I happen to get these for a mere buck from work. If any of you want me to test these or something let me know I got 50 of them and not really a big time dvd burning guy. I can even hurl them in the air and see how far they could fly if you want. :slight_smile:

Have you checked the mediacode with DVDIdentifier or CDSpeed or DVDInfopro?
Please do :wink:

More info here:

Next time run a search before starting a new thread :wink: