Playo 16X +R from Staples



Hi everyone, I’ve been lurking here a while without much to give back but I recently bought a 60pk of this cheap Playo media from Staples (on sale now for $4.98) and thought I would post some scans. As most of you probably know it is made in China with fake MCC 004 codes. It seems to scan fairly well and although not a top quality media it seems to be better than some of the MIT stuff on the market at 16x. The folowing scans were burned at 12x speed.



Here are some scans of the same media but at 16x burn speed. The PIF errors are up a bit but overall not bad. I should note that although my Pio 112 seemed to burn these fairly well my Samsung S203B scans looked pretty crappy so it seems not every burner will like these.



Scans look quite decent for this fake media. I’ve seen a fair number of results from these discs around and they seem ok. For a cheap price they’re probably quite good for everyday use.


The spindle of +16x playo that I picked up were also MCC-004 and made in china.

Top disc successfully burned,but no drive would recognize it.
2nd disc burned at 8x failed during the burn at the 90% mark.

There was a white label saying “Playo Passport” inbetween both those discs.

A disc in the middle scored 95 on my benq 1620.
The 3rd disc on top also scored a 95 on that 1620.

I just tested disc #4 on my Benq 1650A at 4x.

Archiving with these? Not me,but great for passing around.


If you don’t want the label showing in CDSpeed, File / Options / Disc Quality & uncheck the show disc label box.


Thanx beef. I just changed it.