Playlist Using Nero

Can I automatically import a playlist to Cover Designer (from a copied CD)? How?

Is there a .PDF file (Cover Designer) somewhere that someone can tell me where to go and DL it?

Also, is there a way I can just ‘make’ a playlist myself and import it to Cover Designer?

I am a super newbie. I have a Yamaha CRW2200EZ burner, Win XP, and a 667 MHz PIII.

Appreciate anything.


Download the Nero CoverDesigner & WaveEditor Help Files. The help file has instructions on how to make a track playlist using Data | Document Data.

There is a PDF file, but it contains the same information as the help file. The help file is actually better because it contains HTML screenshot images not found in the PDF file.

You can import CDC playlist files from Nero and Feurio. If the Cover Designer is launched from within Nero, the data and playlist will be automatically transferred to Cover Designer.