Playing wavs (midi-support etc)

Heyyy! I’m new to the forum so hopefully posting into the right section… okay so here’s the deal. I have a synthesizer and some audio software aswell. I started messing with midi recently, and came correct with plugging the midi-ports and syncing the synth with fruity loops. Now my question is this; how can i play wav-files (samples) etc with the synth without affecting the sample’s duration. With fruity loops in the sample edit window, when i play those samples with synth or with mouse-clicking fruity, it affects not only the pitch but time-stretches the samples logically too (the higher the pitch is, the shorter the duration is). Is there any plugins or software as a solution for this?

Hope you understood my question…


Hi there - Sorry I’m not familiar with Fruity Loops software :frowning:
However, you should be able to play and edit any wave files with Audacity - it’s a free application and allows you to adjust pitch, duration etc of the wave file samples.

I’d be interested to know if it works for you :iagree: