Playing this disc prohibited by area limits

I burned a mpg file to DVD. Usually it works fine. The movie plays on my DVD on my PC no problem. When I put it in my DVD player connected to my TV, I get Playing this disc prohibited by area limits. I’m guessing this is because it is a UK film I downloaded. Is there any good software for converting a UK movie to a US readable format? I’m using Nero Vision - latest version.


Have you tried ripping the file with DVD decrypter/DVDfab decrypter or DVD free? With these programs you can remove the area code and any protection. You will need to burn the resulting file to a new DVD and it should work.

Thanks! I haven’t tried either yet. Is there anything in Nero Vision or Nero Burner to convert MPGs or VOB files?


it could be a PAL-NTSC problem, if you think it’s a uk film & your in the us

where did you get this film from?

I created a DVD with Menu’s using Pinnacle Studio Plus v10.5.2. The DVD plays just fine on my DVD player on my PC. However, my DVD hooked to the TV gives the message, “Playing this disc prohibited by area limits”. So, I’m not copying a movie, I’m making the movie with my own mpg files taken from my Sony Mini-DV camera. Any ideas?

I’m a newbie and experiencing the same message with the Sony DVD/CD DVP-NC80V player. From all the searches done, there is not a method to reconfigure to R0 with the remote or firmware.

The discs are from Greece and are R0 (no RCE, CSS file) as reported by DVD Decrypter. Also, I use the current version of DVD Shrink.

Copying only the main movie, when placed in the Sony, it will not accept the disc.

What I find interesting, my un-hacked 2 year old Apex AD-1200, R1, $29.95 from Sears, plays these discs.

Yes, I can move the Apex to the living room and plug into the receiver. However, I’m attempting to learn more about DVDs and would like to eventually solve this problem.

Suggestions will be most welcome -