Playing the RPC Blues (was: “No Sex in the City”)

After more extensive testing with some of my other region 2 DVDs, I have discovered that nearly all of them are in fact not compatible with DVDFab in my current PC setup. (Also not compatible with VLC Media Player and AnyDVD.) What I had originally thought was a problem unique to “Sex and the City”, turned out to be the much larger issue of DVD region protection, sorry!

DISCLAIMER: With REGION 1 DVDs DVDFab works great!
I don’t have any experience using any of DVDFab’s mobile features, but as far as the standard features go, the program does everything it’s supposed to, KUDOS and commendations to Fengtao/DVDFab.

CD Freaks I’m looking to be pointed in the right direction . . .
I’m a region 1 dude that currently lives in region 2, and I want the “blue pill” that will make my computer as region-free as I am!

I would really like my notebook PC to have the “region-free” capability to read/view media and also to backup with DVDFab with a diverse selection of disks from both regions. Is that too much? I was under the impression that DVDFab along with VLC and AnyDVD would be viable software-based solutions, but I guess not. (With region protection, exactly who the heck is being protected from what again?)


[li]Is the crappy MaSHITa drive (no firmware updates available) indeed the only factor involved?
[/li][li]If yes, would simply buying a new outboard (or internal) optical drive solve the problem, or are there other interface obstacles to contend with? (Vista for example.)
[/li][li]If a new drive is the quick and easy solution, does anyone have a preferred list that’ll “do it all”?

Thanks again, I’d appreciate any feedback, suggestions, useful links, etc., and sorry about barking up the wrong tree about DVDFab!

Playing the blues,

Hammond B3 Organdude

It has nothing to do with any of the software. My drives are set for R1 and I can back up R2 movies all day with DVDFab. As DVDFab’s developer told you in the other thread, you need to replace the drive.

and sorry about barking up the wrong tree about DVDFab!

hey thats okay. no hard feelings. :wink:

almost any other drive will work for region free. :slight_smile: dont worry about your system, just get a good drive. :cool: i recommend lite-on dvd burners. :smiley: many features and easy to use. :bow:

check out this thread for laptop dvd-burner.

and check this forum for external drive related discussions.

Damn, I guess it’s time to shop for a drive.

Thanks [B]troy512[/B] and [B]signals[/B], I appreciate your reply and patience with a newbie! :smiley:


In addition to the suggestions you already have, the CDF drives forum has lots of info.